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About Us

« Secure photo hosting and photo sharing for your precious digital photos »
Easy and useful !

Hiboox is one of the most popular websites for uploading, sharing and linking digital photos. Hiboox represents more than 90.000 members and 5.000.000 uploaded photos.

Our Team :

Equipe Hiboox - Cobalink

Our young and dynamic team of 20 persons work together to make Hiboox more user-friendly, innovative and secure.

If you have any technical questions or you need more information about our service, feel free to contact us through the contact form. And we reply to your e-mail within 24 hours.

Hiboox Partner network :
Partenaires Hiboox

A little history

Hiboox was created in 2004 and its audience has grown exponentially since its creation.


With your support we were able to launch the new version of the website and develop new services :

- unlimited photo hosting,
- digital photo printing,
- photo albums and slideshows,

- photo retouching,
- Miniboox (which allows you to drag and drop photos from your desktop).

Hiboox is operated by COBALINK company headquartered in Toulon, France with offices in Paris, France and .

Some figures :

- 90.000 members,
- 5.000.000 uploaded images,
- 40.000 unique visitors per day,
- 1.200.000 unique visitors per month,
- 100.000 photo albums,
- a team of 20 persons.

Ross, Gork, Gala, our owl mascots as well as all the team wish you a pleasant visit and hope you enjoy browsing on our website !

Thank You for visiting our website !

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