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5 fashionable Fall Outfits you Should Consider Buying

It might be a bit late to write this type of article since the end of autumn is coming, but the current weather and temperatures tell a different story. Fall is probably my favorite period of the year since you can wear both cozy clothing and fashionable. There are a bunch of different styles that can keep you warm while outside and comfortable while you are in the café or the night club.

However, you can say goodbye to bare legs for the next four or five months since it certainly will be too cold to go out with such outfits. But, if you are brave enough to bare the cold, don’t let me stop you. You can combine your bare leg style with a bunch of other fall outfits that you should consider buying this year.

While I did say that this part of the year features my favorite outfit types, finding the right clothing combination can be very difficult. You will need to do extensive planning to make sure that you will be warm enough and will look good too. You will constantly have a dozen questions circling in your mind. Do you need to get a coat or do you already have enough clothes on you? Do you have enough layers on you or maybe too many layers?

To ease your transition into this season we have made a list of a few outfit ideas that you can freely use or customize to make them fit better with your taste. And don’t worry, I already have tried out all of these, so you will not have to worry whether they will keep you warm enough through the autumn days.

We recommend that you upgrade your upgrade with new sets of clothing before autumn comes as the prices can skyrocket when the season finally comes. If you manage to find some time to go shopping for fall outfits during the spring or summer season there is a good chance that you will find great discounts. Who doesn’t want to get the perfect coat for just half of its price?

1. Boots and other footwear

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This year it is quite popular to have comfortable boots that are fashionable too, so don’t be shy when getting a new set of chunky boots that feel like walking on clouds. If they are comfortable, then you should just take them just make sure the color you get can match with all the other autumn clothes you have stored in your wardrobe.

Another popular option this year that has stayed as a trend for these last couple of years is the Chelsea boots. While I personally do not prefer the look of these, I have to admit that they are very comfortable. They can also come in all kinds of colors black, brown, burgundy, tan and so on.

We already mentioned chunkier boots, so why not do a combination both of chunky, comfortable and Chelsea boots? The perfect combination of these three features was achieved by Dr. Martens. They look fashionable, they look badass with its thick soles and the yellow thread sewn through the sole and they are very comfy according to a lot of people.

All in all, it all comes down to your taste in clothes and the type of clothes you already have, so I can’t really tell you which type of boots you should buy, but I believe that you will do the right decision after you read through my advice.

2. Leather skirts or shorts

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You might be calling me crazy right now. Who wants to wear a short skirt or shorts during the fall season, but believe it or not there are days during this season that are simply too hot. Even as hot as some summer days. So why not prepare yourself for those days and truly surprise with your bold and leather look? Even if it does get chilly outside after the sun sets, the leather will surely keep you snug around your waistline. You can click here to find out about more outfits where you can look both sassy and cozy at the same time.

3. Scarves

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This is one of the biggest reasons why I love autumn. We get to wear an additional piece of fashionable clothing that can come in all kinds of material and clothing. Yes, that’s right, I am talking about scarves. Even scarves that are made from the lightest fabric, you simply cannot put them on during the hot summer days under the scorching sun. Scarves are the number one type of clothing that gets forgotten in the wardrobe since they can be worn only during these autumn days. So, make sure you dig them out and make some cool combinations with your other autumn outfits, suggests

4. Crop-top sweaters

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Who doesn’t love showing off their toned tummy with crop-top shirts when it’s hot outside? I sure do and you probably do too, so why not keep showing it off during fall too? Fortunately for all of us who love crop-top, there is a “fall version” of this outfit and it’s made out of sweaters. Yes, a sweater that exposes your belly and long sleeves that will keep you warm. We recommend that you wear these sweaters only when it is mildly cold outside as lower temperatures can be dangerous for exposed skin.

5. Leggings

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We might have been praising this season a bit too much considering that we all have to accept our fate that we have to wear super thick pants that make us sweat, can chafe and a bunch of other annoying things. Well, fortunately, there is a solution for some people.

However, this solution is heavily dependent on where you are located. If you are located somewhere South where you do not have such harsh autumn and winter days, you can get a couple of pairs of leggings and use them to replace your pants. Obviously, you should wear them until it gets too cold outside.

If you are situated somewhere North, then you could probably use leggings as a replacement for pants only during the early fall months such as September and October.

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