How Far In Advance Should You Plan Your First Trip To Prague?

The COVID-19 pandemic situation disordered the whole world. We have been in total chaos, so the one thing that we all started to think about is how to get back to life and how to fulfill it. Traveling is something that mostly comes first in everyone’s mind after thinking about this question. People all around the world are eager for new experiences, new destinations, and attractions. We are lucky that the world is filled with beautiful places, and when it comes to Europe, one of the most attractive cities is definitely Prague.

Prague has something special to offer to its visitors. There are so many attractions there that are leaving people speechless. There is no way that you can visit this city and go back home without remarkable memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.

So, how far in advance should you plan your first trip to Prague?


In most cases, people are asking how long does it take the preparation for the trip to Prague. And the answer depends on your individual needs. For instance, if you want to travel by plane, you should book the flight on time. Also, you need to consider the accommodation factor and book it in advance. It would be best to contact some travel agency and airplane agency to help you with these things. In general, a couple of months will be enough for the preparation for your first trip to Prague. However, the most important thing when visiting a new destination is knowing what attraction you should visit. Therefore, we prepared the most highlighted attraction that needs to be on your bucket list when you come to Prague. Despite visiting the destination below, do not forget to try their beer! The city is especially famous for that.

Visit the Prague Castle


Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) has been the home of Bohemia’s kings. Nowadays, this represents the official residence f the Czech Republic’s President. Not to mention that this is definitely the most popular attraction for tourists. If you are visiting Prague, there is no doubt that you should find a ticket and visit the castle. We wanted to spare you from stress about the procedure of getting the ticket, so you can easily do it online on

The castle was built as a fortress in AD 870. As time passed, the castle change its architectural style many times. The castle is not popular for itself. Inside the castle walls, there are the most special and amazing attractions in Prague such as St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, the Powder Tower, the Old Royal Palace, and the Golden Lane.

This is definitely the largest castle complex in the entire world, so prepare a lot of time for the tour that will surely leave a huge impression on you. One of the most special things here is the Old Royal Palace’s main hall, the Vladislav Hall. You will be amazed by its size because it is unbelievably huge. Do not forget to visit Royal Garden as well, since it exist since 1534. Here, you will have the chance to see the Ball Game Pavilion, the Royal Summer House with its Singing Fountain, and the Lion’s Court.

The National Museum


This is the most important Czech Museum institution in general. It has an incredible collection of different things from archaeology, anthropology, mineralogy, and zoology. However, the archaeology exhibit is the highlight of this museum since you can see Roman artifacts from the 1st century here. There are also many amazing things from bronze and the early iron age as well. This museum is one of the most famous tourist places in Prague.

Charles Bridge – A Stone Gothic Bridge


The amazing Charles Bridge is one of the things every visitor needs to see. This is an ancient Gothic stone bridge and it connects two towns – the Lesser and the Old Town. Interestingly, this bridge is very popular in entire Europe. The bridge construction is the piece of work of the Petr Parlet architect. And at the bridge, you can see old statues of Holy Roman Sovereign Charles IV and the country’s most revered saint, John of Nepomuk. The bridge is created in the right alignment with the specific setting sun with the tomb of St. Vitus on the equinox.

The Clementinum And The National Library


Prague is the city especially known for organizing many different events such as concerts. The Clementium is actually a set of many different historical buildings built in Baroque style. Among all of them is the special National Library building of the Czech Republic. In general, it became a national library in 1782. This happened after the Jesuits had been expelled. In this library, you can find more than six million books which is an incredibly large collection that one national library has. The Library Hall is especially attractive because of the artistically created ceiling work, Astronomical Tower, and the Mirror Chapel with stunning decor. When it comes to the Clementium itself, both locals and travelers are gathering here constantly because of different arranged concerts such as classical ones, jazz events, and other musical festivals.

Prague Zoo


Prague Zoo is not just one more ordinary zoo. Moreover, this is one of the most famous zoological parks in the entire world. It was opened a long time ago, in 1931. If you are visiting Prague with your kids, they will be amazed by the animals they will see here, as well as with the activities they can participate in. For instance, people can ride horses in this zoo, play and feed the animals. The most attractive thing about this zoo is one special horse species that needs to be protected and saved. It is the native Przewalski’s horse which is a very endangered species. In general, if you visit this zoo park, you will have a chance to see more than 4200 animals of about 650 species.

Dancing House


Finally, the attraction that we saved for the end is actually the most photographed one in Prague. Dancing House is an amazingly attractive building which tourists can visit. They have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing view of the city from the rooftop where is located the French restaurant.

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