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All You Need To Know About Enamel Pins – Types, Design and Usage

Enamel pins, or badges as they are often called, are worn on clothes as accessories to make you look better. They are usually worn on jackets, suits, and can even be worn on backpacks, tote bags, belts, etc. The great thing about enamel pins is the fact that there are so many types of them out there. Each one varying in style and design, you’re going to have so much fun using enamel pins. But before that, we got a few things that you need to know about them.

Soft Enamel Pins

Made with a rigid finish, soft enamel pins are just one of the many types of pins out there. These are generally less expensive, therefore an economical option for all of your accessorial problems. These types of enamel pins are best for displaying detailed images.

Hard Enamel Pins

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As the name suggests, hard enamel pins are the type that is more durable and scratch-resistant. Judging by that, we can safely say that these are pricier than their soft counterparts.

Best Uses for Enamel Pins

The best use for enamel pins is to decorate your clothes or bags. Since they are usually worn on both, they can also be used to support a cause. This way, you are showing everyone what you stand for and what the cause or organization is. Furthermore, they can be used as a symbol of achievement. The most common example would be in the form of employee recognition. The best employees in the company receive an enamel pin to celebrate their hard work and dedication. According to , this act is proven to increase employee productivity, morale, and engagement.

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They Are Great For Branding

Custom enamel pins are excellent for branding and businesses oftentimes used them during trade shows, job fairs, networking events, conferences, and various other corporate events. Furthermore, enamel pins are even better as giveaway gifts which companies usually exchange amongst each other. You could even order your own on sites like!

Production and Designing Process

In order to create a new design, you need to mold the surface of the metal followed by cutting it into separate pieces. The next stage of the process involves attachment and plating of the mold. Once the plating is finished, the surface of the metal is polished, making it nice and smooth. After polishing comes painting, and this is the fun part where we paint the surface metal, before putting it into a furnace to bake for 15 minutes at a temperature of around 450 degrees F. And the last stage of the process involves coating, where we add a layer of coat to protect it from cracks and fades.

Cool Varieties of Enamel Pins

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When it comes to the vast world of enamel pins, there are many types and even more designs. Some of the most popular ones include:

Pin on the Pin: There are pins that have a three-dimensional look.

Spinner Pins: They are very cool since they have a spinning mechanism. The mechanism is battery powered, so you will need to replace the batteries every so often.

LED Pins: As the name suggests these pins are very popular since they light up the entire room.

Lenticular Pins: This variation has two or more pictures that change when you look at it from a certain angle.

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