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Best Android RPG Games in 2023

The number of android mobile gamers has rapidly started to grow. Many years ago, computer devices were the only ones that gamers were using. However, technology is making progress and the habits of people are changing as well. Fortunately, you do not have a machine to play mobile games. Most of the devices of today will support the biggest part of Android games.

Yet, it is not a secret that not all of them are equally popular. We have noticed that RPG games are the ones that have the biggest number of loyal ones comparing to other gaming genres. The fans of these games spend dozens of hours per week playing them.

However, even this gender has some more and less popular games for playing. These pieces of information are especially important for people that are not actively playing them. Because of that, we would want to highlight the best Android RPG games on Play Store.

Let’s find them out together.


The first feature of this game that you will like is affordability and accessibility. The game is completely free and it doesn’t require a high-quality device. Despite that, playing this game does not depend on Wi-Fi connection. You can play it offline. This means that you can play it in absolutely every location. Trust us; you won’t find a lot of games that will offer you this feature.

Anyway, the game has quite a long story and it is entertaining for all generations. Many people complain that mobile games have difficult controls which stop them to achieve better results. Well, in this case, that problem does not exist. The game comes with easy controls.

Finally, you will find a relatively light touch on the free to play aspects of the game plenty of character customization options.

Exiled Kingdoms

Are you a fan of single-player action RPG? Then you are in the right place! This game would be a good choice.

We believe that freemium games cause a smile on your face. Unfortunately, the game is not completely free. However, its free version is not bad at all. It gives you an option to pick between two character types to play with. If you like the free version, then you will have to invest around 5 dollars to unlock everything.

Let’s say a couple of words about the game. It comes with a quite entertaining storyline. Your task will be to save the world from horrors that were leftover from a previous cataclysm. Logically, completing mission by mission will allow you to upgrade your character.

Still, there is one disadvantage of the game. We think that developers should invest a bit more in graphics.

Evoland 2

Well, the first part of the game is interesting as well. However, the second part is more popular in 2023. Here you will meet with a wide range of mechanics. This includes hack-and-slash, RPG, platformer, and even some fun stuff like 3D fighter and trading card mechanics. Yet, its core gender remains RPG.

To finish this game, you will need to go through around 20 hours of play. The good thing is that this game comes with offline support and a hardware controller support.

We need to say one disadvantage that we noticed in the reviews. Most of the users confirm that the quality of the game is great. However, they say that controls for the mini-games are a little rough.

Indeed, you will need to pay a certain amount of money to play it. Still, both versions do not have in-app purchases or ads. We know how annoying these two things can be.

Monster Hunter Stories

Well, this game is maybe not on the first place in 2023. However, it was the most popular RPG game in 2018. We would like to highlight three advantages for start. First of all, this game features turn-based mechanics. It comes with decent graphics that will make the game-playing even more interesting. Finally, the storyline is more than entertaining. The point of this game is to hunt, capture, and fight against battle monsters.

Many RPG fans will tell you that this game comes with one of the best demos. The players will have the chance to play the prologue in the demo. However, for the premium version, you will have to spend a certain amount of money. Yet, once again, this game as well does not come with in-app ads or purchases. You want to click the “back” or “x” button for millions of times.

Old School RuneScape

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Okay, this game is not only one of the best in 2023. However, it is one of the older and more mature games than most you can find. We can describe this game as a metric boatload of stories, quests, and dungeons to tackle. Despite that, we need to mention that character creation is quite decent.

Well, there is one thing that you might not like. This game uses a subscription method. You have the option to try it out for free. However, the options of the free version are limited. For example, F2P have fewer methods to gain OSRS gold in-game compared to P2P ones. However, if you plan to turn to the premium version, you can expect a huge number of quests, expanded storage space, etc.

So, when we talk about subscription, you have two different options. You can be a monthly subscriber and an annual subscriber. We are not here to suggest any of these two options. You need to predict how long you will play this game. However, both methods are affordable and you won’t have to spend a fortune to play the premium version.

Conclusion: Can I Play Android Games on Computer?

We already mentioned the biggest concern of mobile gamers. Sometimes it is tough to achieve the best possible results because it can be complex playing games on mobile. For example, the screen is too small and you can’t give equal attention to all the details.

Fortunately, mobile game developers created an amazing program. You can play Android games on your desktop device as well. For something like that, you need to use Android emulators like LDPlayer. You now have the chance to fully enjoy the features of the best Andriod RPG games.

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