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Are Wedding Gift Lists still a Thing in the 21st Century?

With so many people already living together and having set up home before they tie the knot, is the rather old-fashioned concept of a wedding gift list just that, old-fashioned? Well, it would seem not says Wedding Invitation titans Brideand

The idea of gifting something to the happy couple is still very much alive, and well, it may not be the traditional kettle or iron or coffee machine of yesteryear, but most brides and grooms are still grateful for a donation towards something. Guests need to be able to gift as a mark of their generosity and support towards the two newlyweds. This is one thing that hasn’t changed over the years. But, in true 21st-century fashion, the wedding gift list has morphed into something more modern, to reflect the changing times and the fact that some couples marry after they have had their children, a huge proportion already living together, and some couples being on their second, even third marriage.

What are the advantages of a wedding gift list?

  • A wedding gift list gives your guests certainty, they know what you want and don’t have to worry about asking you or inadvertently buying the wrong thing
  • A gift list provides choice within defined parameters so people can still make a personal selection to reflect their preference and budget
  • You don’t have to use the gift list to feature standard presents. There are myriad clever alternatives and unusual ideas such as donations to the honeymoon fund, a financial contribution if you are saving towards the deposit for your first house, or even charitable donations if you are a happy couple well established in life with everything you need. If you are already well served with your home needs, then a wedding gift list adviser can help you discover other more unusual options – things you may not have thought of

Organizations have not been slow to respond to the changing wedding gift list trends. So-called wedding registries are abundant in choice depending on whether you are looking for a conventional gift list or want something more unusual. Here are some of the best choices trending at the moment:

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  • The Wedding Shop – a one-stop-shop for the UK bride with options to construct your gift list online or in person at one of their five UK showrooms. The Wedding Shop offers a service that is personal and flexible with a truly comprehensive range of gifts covering home and lifestyle and with a facility to add up to ten more items that are not featured from any UK retailer. The Wedding Shop also has a feature for cash funds, honeymoon contributions, experience days, and charitable donations. The Wedding Shop is a unique registry in that they have a handy app for you to keep tabs on what’s going on and update your list whilst you are on the move. Most importantly, The Wedding Shop is easy and convenient for your guests to use
  • Prezola – choose from over 50,000 unique and stylish gifts, all hand-picked by interior design experts who are specialists in their field. This is a chance to create a truly unique gift list without having to go to the trouble of doing all the legwork because Prezola has done it for you. Prezola is definitely for the style-conscious couple and allows guests to also make financial contributions and charity donations rather than buying a gift. There are no restrictions on how or where the honeymoon fund may be spent – worth checking if you are comparing lists – and Prezola has some top five-star reviews from previous users. Personal shoppers can help you make decisions about what to include if you are really struggling and they can also advise your guests and help guide them towards that perfect gift
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  • Patchwork – the clue is in the title, use a patchwork of funding gifts to put towards the item you have always dreamed of. Patchwork has more than 100 different templates with all sorts of lovely ideas like contributing to your home or honeymoon plus plenty of other original inspiration that you won’t have even thought of. ‘Patchwork’ the different elements so your guests can choose which part to buy you or contribute to. Never has piecemeal been so exciting. It’s easy to keep track of contributions on Patchwork, and they have a lovely facility to send photo cards as thank yous
  • Buy our Honeymoon – Buy our Honeymoon offers total flexibility over what you choose to fund, any destination, any travel operator even if you haven’t finished finalizing your plans. Your guests can still contribute
  • Amazon – is there nothing Amazon doesn’t offer? Well, it makes sense to offer a wedding gift list, as so many people have an Amazon account. You are not just confined to items from the Amazon site but can use the universal wish list function, which also allows you to add gifts from any website. The Amazon wedding gift list also has a thank you feature, which lets you track what each guest has bought.
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Far from being a thing of the past, wedding gift lists are very much alive and well. Here are some top tips suggested by other brides and grooms to help you make the perfect gift list:-

  • It tends to be the bride who steers the list and organizes it so make sure the items on the list reflect both your tastes
  • Make the list easy for people to find – pop the link on the back of your wedding invitations
  • Include extravagant or luxurious items for the home that you perhaps would never buy for yourself and which you can use on special occasions as a reminder of your special day

Don’t feel guilty. Remember, your guests really do want to give you a lovely gift.

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