Emmanuel Sanson

Acts 1:8 Ministry Reveals Practical Tips from the Scriptures

Whether you’re religious, spiritual, or just striving to live your life as a right person, the scriptures offer several practical tips that you can use to enrich your daily life. In fact, Acts 1:8 Ministry, a Christian non-profit organization, draws upon the scriptures for inspiration to spread kindness to people …

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Ups and Downs of Being a Celebrity – Is it Really Worth it All?

As regular people, we often say, “Will it be awesome to be a celebrity?” Having your face recognized everywhere you go and have lots of many sure makes it attractive to be famous. We sometimes look upon these celebrities as gods among men and beings which transcend reality. We don’t …

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Introduction To Plate Heat Exchanger Design – Basics, Types and Usage

Heat exchangers are devices that are used to transfer energy between two fluids that are at different temperatures. They can improve energy efficiency, because the energy that is already inside the system can be easily transferred to some other part of the process, instead of just being wasted by being …

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