Mike Zas

Why Should You Use Seed Money?

Most startups are slow and usually you don’t have a lot of money spare to invest in your company. This is why seed money is perfect for those starting up a business. Seed money usually comes from angel investors who are individuals that invest early in companies in exchange for …

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10 Players Who Have Won the Most Trophies in Football History

Whether football or any other sport, the thrill of winning a trophy is unparalleled. Football is a sport that has been glorified by its excellent players who are famous throughout the world. There have been players who dominated the field, but there are many who failed to win any accomplishments. …

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How GIS can be used for mapping – what tools are used?

Mapping can be done in a myriad of ways, but one of the most popular is Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS software is used to create accurate, up-to-date maps of physical spaces. This includes everything from mapping roads and buildings to tracking pests and vegetation. It can be used for …

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