Stefania Trtica

Why Is Biker Jewelry So Popular Among Rockstars?

This season, the rockstar image is in trend again. A good leather jacket, T-shirts with unusual prints, interesting footwear, but also authentic jewelry are what you will first notice on people who nurture this image. And did you know that jewelry that is so popular in rock culture actually comes …

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6 Best Places For Clubbing In Toronto In 2021

Toronto is a place teeming with exciting adventures and beautiful endeavors. It welcomes people of all ages and cultures with open hands. Toronto is one of the most happening cities out there! So let’s get into this city to find some of the best places for clubbing in Toronto in …

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5 Mobile Gaming Trends That Will Define The Next Decade

The video gaming industry is a very rapidly changing one. Even more rapid and apparent are the changes in the mobile gaming sphere as it usually plays catch-up due to hardware found on our phones being less potent than the one utilized by other video game-playing devices. However, having these …

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