Suzan Vega

How much will I earn as a TEFL teacher?

There is no doubt that you probably won’t become a millionaire as a TEFL teacher but you can earn a good salary as well as receive other benefits like housing and free flights. Salaries can range from around $600 per month to up to $4,000 but when you see a …

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How Can A Predictive-dialer Increase Sales Productivity

A predictive dialer helps businesses touch base with leads and existing clients by dialing telephone numbers from a list. You might find it challenging to tell automatic and predictive dialers apart.  Auto dialers may have one distinct feature for users – to call people from a list. Conversely, predictive dialers …

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7 Reasons to Rent a Boiler for a New Home – 2021 Guide

There are various heating systems to choose from. It includes a forced-air furnace and a boiler. But in comparison to any heating system including the traditional chimney, the boiler is well known to offer the best quality of heating inside the home. Choosing boiler systems depends on the geographical location …

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