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14 Year-Round Backyard Care and Maintenance Tips – 2023 Guide

Oftentimes, backyard maintenance can turn out to be quite a demanding task. This is especially true if you do not complete this chore on a regular basis. It is quite simple – if you complete certain tasks throughout the year, retaining a perfect garden won’t be that difficult.

In this article, we are going to provide you with multiple tips on how to care for your yard. Surely, you are familiar with most of these, but the trick is that we are going to divide them according to seasons. Even though this might sound like a lot of work for you, if you tried some of these, soon you will understand how easy it is to keep everything in marvelous condition.


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Fertilizing is the first thing that you should do when the spring arrives and the snow melts. After the long winter months, the grass needs all the nutrients that it can get that will strengthen its root and promote growth. Our advice is to go with the organic fertilizer that isn’t too aggressive i.e. that isn’t going to damage the already sensitive lawn.

Weeding is another task that you have to complete. If you think about it, it is completely normal that weed grows together with your beautiful, healthy grass. However, there is something that you can do to prevent this from happening. You should apply herbicide in the early spring. If you don’t do this, aggressive weed is quickly going to spread across your yard.

In order to ensure that all the nutrients are reaching the root of the grass, you have to aerate the lawn. To achieve the best results, you should do this on a day when soil is damp. By punching small holes in your garden, you will allow the water, oxygen, and fertilizers to reach the roots, therefore, improve the quality of the lawn.

Don’t forget about insects and pests. As you know, these appear in the spring, and there isn’t anything that they love more than eating fresh plants. In order to protect them from the damage these can cause, you should inquire about and use one of the pest control methods.

Another thing, you also have to deal with trees and shrubs in your back yard. You have to remove all the debris and broken branches and prune the shrubs. It might also be necessary to completely remove some of them. There is no point in keeping them if they cannot recover, right? If you need some help, especially when it comes to trees, you should hire professionals. Check out to learn what kind of services they can provide you with.


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The first on our list, when it comes to summer, is lawn mowing. The grass is going to grow very quickly, so you should mow it as often as necessary.  As the summer progresses, you will probably have to do it at least once a week. Not only is the overgrown yard unattractive, but tall grass can also attract pests that you worked so hard to get rid of during the spring.

According to Experteasy’s Guide, as it is to be expected, regular watering is our next tip. This is something that should be done occasionally during the other seasons but it is especially important in the summer when temperatures get really high. The first piece of advice we have for you is to do this either early in the morning or in the evening when the ground is not too hot. Secondly, you should always go with the deep watering instead of sprinkling because you will be certain that the water has reached the roots.

Mulching is another trick that is going to improve the health of the lawn. This is inexpensive since you can use grass clippings to create an organic layer that is not only going to help the soil retain the moisture, but it is also going to prevent the growth of the weed. You can also go with the inorganic mulch, but keep in mind that the grass will not benefit from it. Still, it is a great option for areas that you cannot water easily or that are prone to erosion.


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We have already mentioned fertilizing as one of the tasks that you should complete during the spring, but it should be also done during the fall, in September or October to be exact. This is the best way to provide the plants with the opportunity to store some important nutrients so that they could fully grow and bloom when the spring comes.

If there are some bare patches or areas in your garden, this is the perfect season for reseeding the grass. The temperature is starting to cool down in the early fall which means that the new grass will have the best conditions possible.

Doing a big fall lawn cleaning is another step on your list that you cannot miss. As you know, during this season not only do leaves fall but so do the dead branches. If you do not get rid of them, they will completely cover the lawn, and eventually, damage the grass by causing those bare patches we have already mentioned.

Aerating is something that also has to be done during the fall before the winter comes. We have already explained why this is important during the spring, but when it comes to winter, you have to ensure that the soil won’t be compacted when it freezes.


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Even though during the winter, there won’t be too many tasks that you have to complete, you should still ensure that you maintain the garden regularly. This usually means that all you have to do is remove debris like branches to stop them from causing any damage to the lawn.

Finally, you should try to minimize foot traffic on the lawn during this season. Yes, plants are resilient, but you have to keep in mind that during the winter, they are extremely sensitive due to the harsh weather. Plus, many plants go dormant, so you should definitely avoid stepping on them if you want them to return to their best shape in the spring.

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