8 Beach Activities You Can Do With Your Kids Today

Family vacations are always a challenge for everyone. The parents should have fun and get rest, enjoying the beach and sea. At the same time, they should entertain their kids, because we all know how exhausting is for the rest of the beach when the kids are yelling and left to have fun on their own. But, beach sports are ideal for these families. The kids will get tired, and eventually silent, and there won’t be judging looks around the family if they don’t behave nicely.

Are you already planning this year’s summer beach vacation? Older teenagers may prefer to wander off and do their own thing making new friends. But how do you keep those younger pre-teens happy, when they get bored with their buckets, spades, and burying each other in the sand? Read on for 8 beach activities you can do with your kids to keep them entertained that don’t have to cost a fortune.

1. Play a beach sport – a great way to up the fitness levels


The minimum requirements. Two bats or racquets, shuttlecocks, plastic or beach ball, or tennis balls. Up the ante with a volleyball net and increase the number of activities that can be undertaken.

If you are more into adventures, you can consider camping and outdoor activities as a nice option too, but you will still need additional gear to get ready, even if you find a beach to put your tent there. By checking on, you will find exactly what do you need for that adventure.

Camping opens a lot more options for beach sports and increases the fun. You will surely have an amazing time together, and the children will always remember that particular vacation, and even retell it to their friends at school.

2. Grand sandcastle building – last castle standing is the winner

Get the kids to build their grand sandcastles complete with moat, a few yards from the low tide line. They can decorate them with shells, pebbles, and small flags from the beach shop. But the biggest test is yet to come. As the tide comes in, the last one standing is the winner.

At the same time, this will boost their creativity and competitive spirit. Don’t forget to take pictures, especially if the kids are still so young. Those photos will be also a nice addition to your Instagram feed too. Surely the whole family will have fun while building castles in the sand. Encourage them to put all the effort needed to win, so they can be motivated to accomplish the tasks.

3. Create a beach mosaic – bring out their artistic-bent


Draw a large outline of pictures/shapes in the sand and get the kids to construct a mosaic using pebbles, shells, bits of driftwood, and other items discarded by the less considerate lying about the tideline. It’s also a great way to begin teaching them why we all need to consider the damaging effect we have on nature.

This is another way to encourage the children to be more creative in what they do. They will surely have fun doing that. It may take hours of playing until the mosaic is completed.

4. Are you on a beach with rock pools – go shrimping

Many beaches have large boulders laying in the sand and areas at the base of cliffs where seawater pools are formed as the tide comes in and rolls out. Get the kids to fill their buckets with seawater and see who can net most different species such as small anemones, shrimps, crabs, and fish. Then release them back into the pool to escape the next time the tide comes in.

As well as the usual beachwear, make sure the kids have plastic beach shoes to wear as some of the rocks they clamber over can be very sharp on the feet.

5. Kite flying – how high can you go


Even large store-bought kites take up little space in the suitcase or car trunk. Consider standard kites for the little ones and acrobatic kites for the older kids, requiring the control of two lines to get the kite to twist and turn in the air.

Another game that boosts their competitive spirit. They will try to be better than before, and that will result in entertaining activities throughout the whole day. They will sleep at night even better.

6. How about a game of Bocce – closest to the jack is the winner

Similar to the French game of Boules, the jack is thrown first, then players take turns trying to get their own balls closest to the jack. Play over three or five rounds. Bocce points are scored by being closest to the jack.

Do your little ones show an interest in a particular water activity? Whether it’s on the beach or a river, learning to swim or taking part in different sports needs careful consideration from mum and dad. Ensuring the kids have the necessary watersport apparel is vitally important to keep them safe. Choosing to shop online is an excellent way to be sure they have everything they need, such as life jackets or wetsuits.

7. Bodyboarding – is a great way to get kids interested in water activities


At around three feet in length, 18” wide, and generally made of colorful polystyrene, bodyboards are cheap to buy, light, and easily transportable. You will also find many beach-side watersport rentals hire them out by the hour.

Even the youngest kids just have to walk into the sea up to their thighs and launch themselves onto the next incoming small wave—a great starter for an upcoming surfing champion.

8. Paddleboarding – a step up from bodyboarding

On lakes, rivers, and beaches across the country, paddleboarders can be seen enjoying their latest sport singularly or in groups. Begin by getting the little ones to sit astride their board while they learn to paddle, before learning to balance standing on the board. Don’t forget personal safety gear like life jackets.

So, there we have it, eight fun things to keep the youngsters occupied on your next beach visit, so you can enjoy it a little more your time.



Family time is precious, and so are the vacations with them, while children are too young. They are growing up so fast, and as parents, you need to do everything so they can remember their childhood as the best time ever. Creating core memories is worth the effort. We all want our children to be happy and satisfied with our choices. Vacations are one of the ways to accomplish that.

Grab every chance you have to spend more time with them. They will be very thankful when they grow up. Also, you are giving them a nice example of how they need to behave and grow up. One day, they will do the same things with their kids, because they have a great example to learn from. So, every effort is worth it, especially when you see their smile and listen to their laughter. Family time is indeed the best time ever in your life, and you can make it even better, by choosing the most entertaining beach activities to do on your vacation.

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