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How to Become the Next Big Esports Superstar?

eSports, or electronic sports, are video game competitions where several professional players compete or fight against each other, usually in multiplayer teams and often in matches that are broadcast live to a multitude of fans from the comfort of their homes.

ESports have become in recent years a mass phenomenon worldwide. The key is undoubtedly their media success. In less than a decade, the number of followers and fans has increased overwhelmingly, and the numbers are unimaginable both in terms of audience and financially. This is why, despite being a relatively young industry, some people already consider them the sport of the future. It is clear that eSports are here to stay.

The competitions between teams and video game players continue to grow. The tournaments of the best-known titles, such as Counter-Strike, FIFA, Fortnite, Call of Duty or League of Legends, are the ones that fill stadiums and add millions of online views, but the number of games that have competitive championships is increasing.

However, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be an eSports star and you think you’re capable of making a name for yourself in the world of competitive video games, we will help you.

Currently, the eSports industry is immeasurable for a novice player. How many leagues are there? Where can you start playing professionally without getting lost between forums and promotions? What requirements are necessary? If the idea of ​​being an eSports player and potentially a star tempts you, read on.

What is it to be a Professional Gamer?

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In the first instance, sitting down to play video games and being ‘very good’ is not enough for these skills to become a career that will earn you a lot of money.

On the other hand, it is necessary to mark the different forms of life that come with video games. From being a Youtuber or a streamer to being a tester in some company, these are some of the professional possibilities offered by playing video games.

But no, being a Professional Gamer implies other types of skills and paths that go beyond sitting in front of a console or PC and a camera. Being a professional player implies becoming a full-time athlete , because the necessary practice, tenacity, and dedication are not achieved overnight. So to succeed in the official competitions where you can win enough money to live on it, you must follow the following recommendations.

Choose a genre which best suits you

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Maybe you are a born player and do well in any style, however, you will have to spend hours and hours practicing to be a professional, therefore, it is ideal that the genre you choose is one where you feel comfortable enough and that you do not your mind playing hundreds of times while you practice.

It is not enough to choose a genre, you should know that not all fit within eSports where you can become a professional. Genres you can choose from are: shooters (Call of Duty, Halo, Counter-Strike), MOBA’s (LoL, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm), fighting games (Injustice, Street Fighter), digital collectible card game (Hearthstone), real-time strategy (Starcraft II). These are the main genres that have professional skills.

Whatever your favorite genre, remember that you must participate in all possible tournaments, it is very likely that you will meet many players with superior skills, but do not forget that experience is key to your development as a professional player.

Get the necessary equipment

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Proper equipment to practice and participate in tournaments is essential. Each genre has its own technical aspects and that corresponds to a different material for each one, so it is your duty to find all the necessary accessories for the title you choose.

A suitable mouse or headphones can make a difference in your professional games, so do not hesitate to choose the best item for your full performance. Know that you probably won’t have enough money right away to buy all the best equipment, because it’s very expensive, you’ll need thousands of dollars. It is enough that you have the necessary equipment at the beginning, and over time you will improve even further.

It will require investment and a lot of dedication

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eSport pros spend hundreds of hours in front of the keyboard or joypad, so becoming a professional requires a lot of time and dedication. So if you have other responsibilities that require all your time, consider that being a professional player entails a commitment like any other career. In addition, to practice in the best conditions you must acquire the most suitable equipment for your style of play, or the platform where you operate best, therefore you will have to invest a lot of money. If you decide to, in addition to competitions, also to stream for YouTube how you play, you will have to invest money in various add-ons, boosting services, etc. People will only look at your videos if they can see something they can’t easily achieve by themselves. Check LFCarry to see how you can enhance your gaming experience and attract new viewers.

Learn from other players

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Do not forget that you are entering a field that has been out there for a while, so you will always find better gamers than you. However, your responsibility is to overcome the frustration every time you are defeated and learn from each game, only then will you become a true pro.

On the other hand, on sites like Youtube or Twitch, you can take the position of the spectator to learn the best plays, meet your future opponents, and consequently, improve in all your areas of opportunity as a professional.


The most crowded games may be the most attractive since they are the most professional and where the best prizes are distributed. However, getting the attention of a club overnight is almost impossible. Fortunately, competitive modes, such as qualifying games, can help us make our talent visible if we manage to climb to the top. Many players who today hold a starting position have managed to jump into the professional field for being at the top of the rankings. Or go with the new titles which are usually a good option to try to make a name for yourself in the world of eSports.

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