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Becoming Viral on YouTube in 2023 – Easy Guide

Every vlogger wants to create a video that gets viral on YouTube almost instantly. Though getting viral on YouTube is possible, the chances are quite low. The reason is quite simple: YouTube is one of the world’s largest search engines. A lot of companies, individuals, and entities are already trying their best to come up with the best video for this platform. But only a few manage to get to a stage where their content is appreciated by the target audience.

The competition is getting tougher every day. With that, the chances of the beginners becoming viral on YouTube are pretty low. But, that’s still possible. According to the reports, approx 300 hours of videos are posted on YouTube every minute. Considering these statistics, it won’t be wrong to say that competition on this platform is huge. And, you need lots of hard work to make your video stand out. In this post, we’ll walk you through the easiest and fastest ways of becoming viral on YouTube in 2023. Let’s begin.

Optimize the Title and Description for YouTube Ranking

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Just like Google search rankings, YouTube considers the specific keywords to rank your video on this platform. The first step to getting famous on YouTube is optimizing the title and description for search rankings. Search for the most popular and top keywords that are performing great on the Internet. Add these keywords in the URL, title, and description precisely.

Special Note: If you want to catch the attention of your audience, add the words “New”, and “Official” to your video description. People love to watch trending videos. And, the best way to get them to watch your video is by adding the words that make your video look “viral”.

Use Subtitles and Closed Captions

One of the most overlooked yet important SEO tactics for YouTube videos is subtitling and captioning. According to YouTube, videos with appropriate captions and subtitles receive 4 percent more views than the ones with no captions at all. Not only captions and subtitles are important for SEO, but they allow your content to reach up to a wider audience.

Now that you have captioned everything, the international audience and people with hearing disabilities will love to watch your video.

Buy Real YouTube Views

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If you want your videos to get viral on this platform within days, then this tactic can prove advantageous. All you got to do is search for reliable YouTube views selling agency that promises real YouTube views. That’s it! You can use to improve its search rankings and overall performance on the channel. No one knows the real YouTube video ranking algorithm. But it isn’t a hidden fact that YouTube prioritizes highly viewed, liked, and engaging videos. Have you ever noticed the number of views the first and second YouTube video receives? Well, the more views your content receives, the higher its search position gets.

Fortunately, buying YouTube videos is not illegal. However, YouTube does not allow fake or software views. If you are planning to buy views, make sure that you choose the most reliable company.

Know the Right Length

Of course, many lengthy videos get viral on YouTube. But, people love to watch short videos i.e. 5-10 minute videos. The shorter the video, the more engagement it receives. Try to craft a short video that contains the necessary information only.

Trim the unnecessary parts, bloopers, and other such unwanted sections that might not interest your audience. Keep your video limited to the important sections.

A Viral Video Description

So, you are all set to upload the video. But, you see the description box that asks you to fill the necessary details of the video. It might seem quite frustrating to write a description, however, this is the most important part of your video promotion process. If you want people to visit your channel and watch your content, you must surprise them with an outstanding description.

An effective and engaging video description is the one where your audience gets curious to know what happens next. It shouldn’t reveal the main news, but it must give a hint about the particular topic.

Don’t Forget To Add Tags

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Just like with the written word and basically everything you do online, tags will put your article/video on the map. No matter what your video is about, you should always add several tags so that people find the clip. How to add tags properly? Well, you don’t want to go crazy and put too many tags sentences and meaningless words because this will only make it worse. Add a relevant phrase or two and perhaps a few other keywords that people are likely to type in if they are looking for a video of that sort.


The points you can read above are some of the crucial things to do in case you want to hit millions of views on YouTube. Unfortunately, nothing guarantees you that your video will become viral. Even if you do all these things mentioned here, you can only hope for the best. And yes, let’s not forget that at the end of the day, the key to having a massively popular YouTube video is to have a crazy content – something that will truly amaze the crowds!

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