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5 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting and Exercise in the Morning

Exercising is such a big part of our health. Working out every morning is one of the best things you can do for your body. Also, healthy food and good nutrition should not be neglected. One of the proven best ways to organize your diet is intermittent fasting. There are different fasting windows that can be chosen. One of the most common ones is 16:8, which means you are fasting for 16 hours. All of your meals and optimal energy value should be taken within 8 hours. This kind of diet has many proven benefits for the body, together with exercising in the morning. Here are some of them:

You can lose weight much easier

If you’re struggling with excess weight and it seems like you tried everything but nothing works, intermittent fasting can be a great idea. To make things clear, you lose weight only if you burn more than you eat. But that is a secret hack with intermittent fasting: it is much harder to be in a caloric surplus. Your meals are taken only within eight hours, and you can only eat so much food during that time. Of course, if you’re eating pizza, burgers, and chocolate, this doesn’t count because you’ll be over 2000 calories in a blink of an eye. But if you’re paying attention to what you eat, you will likely be in a caloric deficit continuously and lose some weight as a result. Besides, intermittent fasting lowers the insulin levels in the blood, which contributes to fat burning. If you’re also exercising in the morning while fasting, there is another great benefit. Your fat-burning process is already in full swing. By working out you’ll be burning much more fat and you’ll notice that numbers on the scale are decreasing. For anyone struggling with weight, intermittent fasting in combination with exercise in the morning is a game-changer.

You will be losing fat while maintaining your muscle mass

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One of the biggest disadvantages of dieting for everyone into building muscles is that, in addition to fat, muscle tissue also begins to shrink. And this can be very discouraging, especially if you’ve been working on building those muscles for a while. The great news for all body-builders is that intermittent fasting can contribute significantly to fat loss while maintaining muscle mass. So you can get the best from both worlds. Research has shown that the naturally increased growth hormone is responsible for this. With your morning workouts in the fasting period, you can burn the excess fat, without worrying it will undo all your lifting sessions in the gym. If you’ve been postponing your fat loss phase because you’re scared of losing your muscles, we recommend testing intermittent fasting and see how it works for you and your body.

Intermittent fasting contributes to cellular repair

During the fasting window of 16 hours, cells have more than enough time to repair. All the waste material produced during cellular metabolism gets removed so the cells can work undisturbedly. It can be said this is a detoxifying phase in which the body is cleansed. And after this time frame, cells are ready to continue with their metabolic reactions. Of course, this happens only if you fast long enough. If you eat anything in the meanwhile, the fasting phase is over and you enter the eating window. That is why it is recommended to eat voluminous food during those eight hours, and especially for dinner. There is another tip that can help you prevent getting hungry too early. You can try eating Fastful, a pre-fasting nutrition bar. It is high in proteins and keto-friendly, so it will keep you full longer. Also, during the fasting period try to drink as much water you can. Besides it is healthy, it will also keep you feeling fuller. You can drink unsweetened tea and coffee, too.

Intermittent fasting and morning exercise boost energy and contribute to a good mood

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You know that feeling when you had a high-calory dinner late at night, and in the morning you feel like you were hit by a truck. You feel so tired, with zero energy to start your day. That is because your body didn’t have time to digest all that food and all night the most of the energy was directed to the digestive system. Intermittent fasting prevents this from happening. Your body has more than enough time to burn the food you ate the day before. You will wake up feeling light and enthusiastic. No more hard, tired mornings. Morning exercise also contributes to a good mood by releasing endorphins, our happy hormones. When you start your day with a good workout, you will feel energized all day long, no matter how long and hard the day was.

Holding your appetite under control

Intermittent fasting and morning exercise while fasting can help you hold your appetite under control and prevent a hunger crisis. By working out, the level of ghrelin (the hunger hormone) is being decreased, so you don’t feel as hungry as usual. Some research has shown that morning exercise changes the way our brain reacts to food. As a result, we experience fewer food cravings. As we previously mentioned, intermittent fasting positively impacts insulin levels, so your blood sugar levels are kept under control, too. All of this prevents a hunger crisis and you feel fuller for a longer time. If you are a person that is hungry all the time, no matter how much you eat, we recommend testing intermittent fasting in combination with morning exercise. You will likely feel less hungry and be able to organize your meals much better.

Conclusion: We all know exercising has many benefits for our health. Morning workouts are especially beneficial since they boost our mood, contribute to fat burning, and prevent hunger crisis. Well organized diet is another crucial factor in good health and overall good feeling. Intermittent fasting is proven as one of the best ways to organize your meals. Having all of your meals in a shorter period can be beneficial in weight loss while maintaining muscle mass. Another great thing about it is that it contributes to cellular repair and body detox. Every morning you will wake up feeling amazing, energized, and ready for everything that a day brings.

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