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Here Are the Benefits of LinkedIn Automation Tools for Your Business

When running your business, you need to do everything you can to ensure it runs smoothly. One way is by giving your clients the best customer service there is. When you offer your clients a good customer experience, they become loyal to your company and consequently generate more leads through word of mouth. With a great sales team, that is possible. However, the worst thing that can turn them off is making them perform routine tasks. Salespeople are good at selling but not performing manual tasks of going through hundreds of LinkedIn profiles to determine the most suitable leads they can convert to sales/customers. Fortunately, you can achieve that through LinkedIn automation tools.

Powerful LinkedIn automation tools provide you with a technologically based strategy for expanding your network and increasing your potential customer base engagement levels. It is a more fast and effective strategy to promote your brand and generate sales while your staff focuses on developing and running the business. Here are the multiple features of useful LinkedIn automation tools for your business.

  • Autoresponder.
  • Auto-mailing.
  • Automated profile visits through a file exporting feature.
  • LinkedIn sales navigator.
  • Automated work with LinkedIn.
  • Sending personalized invitations to third level contacts.
  • Sequential messaging to LinkedIn group members.
  • Boosting profile and obtaining endorsements from various users.
  • Building targeted mailing lists.
  • Automatic inclusion of signatures to messages.
  • Following or unfollowing connections.
  • Withdrawing pending invitations etc.

The above are a few of the main features of LinkedIn automation tools. They can offer way more benefits than that. Here are the benefits of LinkedIn automation tools for your business.

It offers you sales velocity

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LinkedIn sales automation tools automatically identify leads, view their profiles, and contacts them by sending connection requests. Therefore, instead of tracking posts, you and your team are left to focus on selling and other important aspects of the business. In comparison, the manual generation of leads takes such a long time. The average speed it takes to generate leads and then convert to sales is 84days. To make the matters worse, these 84days include lost sales because someone may follow up on the wrong deal because they share a name with a prospective client.

Or someone may forget to follow up on a specific lead. It also includes countless hours of data entry from LinkedIn to salesforce. In other words, the manual linked in generating sales procedure involves a lot of processes that are not actual sales. But with LinkedIn automation tools, the process becomes smooth since technology facilitates all the tiresome work at fast speeds.

It enhances prospecting

LinkedIn is suitable for business and professional use. LinkedIn sales navigator is necessary for generating new leads. With automation, you only have to set the appropriate filters in the sales navigator, and then you can get alerts for prospects who fit the profile. Before, you needed to manually select prospects who fit into the profile, which is tiresome and time-wasting. You can now filter by location, position, seniority, or any other criteria that enhance your conversion rate. The better part is that you only have to set it, and LinkedIn algorithms work their magic.

It helps you connect and engage with prospects

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In many cases, sales are referred to as time-limited offers and frequent cold calls. However, things have changed, and customers do not want that now. They seek a sales process that respects their varying unique needs. But, that can be challenging and time-consuming to do manually. When you automate LinkedIn, you can view more prospect’s profile and enhance your profile so that by the time the new clients give you attention, they are happy with what they see. As soon as they show interest, request to connect and be ready for conversion to a sale. That becomes easy since your only work is to talk to your prospects and leave all the other work to technology.

Message and email automation

LinkedIn has an email known as InMail, which has a more open rate than the traditional email. The suitable time for using it is immediately after your potential client has accepted your request to connect. Remember, you are still new to them, and that allows you to sell your brand. If you don’t have automated LinkedIn tools, you will have to make a list of when to contact each client since they are probably many. As you do that, your potential clients may forget who you are, and you will start introducing yourself all over again, and they may not be interested.

On the other hand, LinkedIn automation makes things more accessible since the process is fast and smooth. If you have generated a lead, request to connect. As soon as they accept, it’s time to message them and work on it.

Moreover, you can tailor your messages to various lead types to ensure you are not just sending out automated messages. You can have your sales team jump in, or you can make a custom template for each segment. Even if you are automating everything, there is also a time to get social since you focus on social selling.

It builds your network

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LinkedIn automation tools play a crucial role in building and expanding your professional network. Consequently, your quality content plays a more profound function in building your brand awareness and increasing your client base. You can leverage the power of LinkedIn automation tools with content and use that to build positive relationships.

It increases your compound connection growth

You can use LinkedIn automation tools to implement your compound connection growth. You have the freedom to set a limit for automated new connection requests per day. Or set the automated tool to visit a specific number of profiles daily without sending any connection requests. That way, you will get substantial views from a large percentage of these contacts. Furthermore, an optimized LinkedIn profile helps you obtain new requested connections.

The bottom line

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When it comes to using LinkedIn as a strategy for building your business, professional relationship building, and engagement are among the most critical elements. As a professional or business person, LinkedIn automation tools help free up your resources and valuable time so that you can run your company and sell more. At the same time, you can initiate conversations and interactions to build positive relationships without neglecting your core professional or business activities.

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