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5 Benefits of URL Shortener for Marketing Strategies

A lot of new and young business owners are looking for affordable and effective ways of marketing. With the help of the Internet, that is easily achievable these days. However, just because a certain marketing strategy is free that does not mean that it is necessarily good for a certain type of audience or for your business. You need to do proper research to figure out exactly what kind of advertising you should or should not do. But, if you do not have the time to do such research, URL shorteners might be the universal solution.

However, to get all of those benefits of using a URL shortener, you will need to understand what it is, how to use it, and exactly why your audience prefers shortened link over a default one.

To help you figure all of this, I am writing this article to tell you about all those benefits you could get from a URL shortener for marketing strategies. With this in mind, you can start effectively advertising your products and services on your website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

How does it work?

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Like I said previously, to get the benefits of such a tool, you will first need to understand the basics. What does it do? How does it work?

Well, I guess you can figure out what it does simply by its name. You take any regular link, let’s say from a certain post on your website. Usually, that URL will be quite long. At least 30, 40, or more characters. In this long string, you can find all kinds of numbers, special characters, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters. It looks cluttered and awful.

But, when you input that URL into a shortener tool, that huge link turns into something so much shorter. Usually, this kind of service is free, but I guess it depends on the website you visit.

Now, once you have a good understanding of what this tool does, we can start talking about the benefits of using one.

Makes links more appealing

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As you already know, any default link to a website can be incredibly long. The deeper you go into a certain website, the longer it gets. Usually, most people do not have a problem with this.

However, if you are running a business social media profile, this is something that you should worry about. It is your job to keep your profile clean and appealing to your audience as much as possible. This includes keeping your text short, properly formatted, proper grammar, punctuation, high-resolution pictures, and shortened links.

If you put an insanely long URL into your post, it is not going to look good and it is going to ruin the entire text formatting that you worked on previously.

For customers, this can be a sign of a lack of professionalism. This is definitely the impression that you do not want to leave. So, the next time you want to share a link with your audience, I suggest that you use any of the shortener tools you can find online.

Tracking/Click Analysis

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The benefit of such a tool is not just to make your social media account or website seem more attractive. There is a lot more to that. Consider that most of the large businesses today always use such a tool. But, for what reason?

Well, they do this because it provides them with analytical data. Every click from a customer is tracked. With this kind of click analysis, you will get tons of information on your audience in a subtle manner. You can get tons of information with this without having to bother your audience with polls, surveys, emails, etc.

The information could include things such as gender, location, and some other bits of useful data. Of course, not every tool is equal. Some will offer more features and others less. So, before you start shortening your URL links, it is probably a good idea to do some research to see exactly which tool offers the best control for your links as suggested by

Easier to remember

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Believe it or not, but there are so many people out there that are not very tech-savvy. And, there is nothing wrong with that. When trying to say is that there is someone in your audience that may not be able to copy and paste a link. I know, this may sound like a bit of a reach, but believe it or not, these people do exist.

Who knows? Some people may have trouble with their computer or mobile phone and they simply cannot copy anything.

However, if all of the links that your business shares are shortened, you are going to make their lives so much easier. This is something that your audience could definitely appreciate.

Not just that, you are also increasing the number of shares of the link you have posted. This will also lead to more data.

Reliable and trustworthy

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We have all been taught to be very careful when surfing around the Internet. Any website, program, or file could be riddled with malware, viruses, or something even more dangerous. The best way to protect yourself from such damage is to be aware and careful.

So, naturally, when you see a link that is not trustworthy, you will not open it. Imagine that every single member of your audience thinks the same way. So, if you decide to share a link that is unfamiliar to most people and does not seem very legitimate, they will not click it. This is a problem. You want as many clicks as possible.

This is why it is so important to have the URL shortened when trying to share it. Those URL shortening tools are quite popular and well-known, so if anyone sees a link coming from one of those tools, they will certainly click it.

These are some of the benefits of why you should use URL shorteners for marketing strategies. As you can see, there really is no reason why you should not use this kind of tool to your benefit.

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