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The Best Armors And Weapons In Destiny 2 And How To Get Them

Destiny 2 is a popular online multiplayer video game that features a lot of different items and equipment that can be obtained by completing several different things in the game such as questing and raiding. Today we decided to make a list for some of the most honorable mentions in this category, so if you are interested in learning more, feel free to continue reading until the end. Let’s take a look.

PVE Weapons

Outbreak Perfected (A pulse rifle)

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Outbreak Perfected is a pulse rifle that is currently one of the most popular PVE weapons in Destiny 2. It’s a very flexible item that many people expect it to get nerfed in some of the future updates. Bosses, adds, you name it, this weapon melts through them like nothing else. It’s currently thought to be the best weapon ever released in the game, but that might change soon with some of the new content that’ll come out.

This weapon comes in the exotic variant with The Corruption Spreads perk, and it causes enemies that take repeated hits from it to spawn SIVA’s which are attacking other enemies, further increasing your DPS (Damage per Second) by a lot. If you manage to get the Parasitism perk as well, you will deal even further bonus damage to any enemies that have been previously affected with SIVA Nanites. Things might change when Shadowkeep finally rolls out on the live branch, so be ready for changes.

The Mountaintop (A grenade launcher)

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Who said that grenade launchers are for noobs? Well, probably someone that doesn’t care about blowing things up. This weapon is a Season of the Forge pinnacle weapon, and it can provide a very good DPS. It’s not that hard to obtain, so you might run into it a bit more frequently. If you are interested in obtaining some of these top-tier weapons and Destiny 2 gear, feel free to visit this website.

Armors – Top Choices

There are many exotic pieces of armor in Destiny 2, but obtaining them might be a little bit harder than you thought. However, here are some of the best examples.

For the Titan class, the Insurmountable Skullfort is a helmet that provides some amazing bonuses. All kills done with Arc melee abilities will trigger health regeneration and restore melee energy. It just allows you to go on a spree and slice through your enemies like they’re nothing.

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For the Warlock class, there’s a chest piece called Wings of Sacred Dawn, and it provides a very amazing perk. While you’re wearing this chest piece, aiming down your sights while being airborne will allow you to stay in place for a short time, and all precision hits that you do will increase the duration of this. If you play a warlock, there’s a helmet as well which highlights your priority enemies and also improves the regeneration of your grenades and rift abilities. It’s called The Eye of another World.

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Last but not least, for the hunter class, there’s a helmet called The Celestial Nighthawk, and it completely changes your Golden Gun Super Ability to fire a single shot which then causes any enemies hit to explode. Hunters are pretty elusive, and they also have a chest piece that makes all dodges to increase movement speed and weapon handling for a certain period.

Please note that Destiny 2 has a lot more items than the ones we listed above, but we chose just some of the ones we thought are most interesting and powerful, simply to give you a slight taste of what the game is all about. Experienced players already know that there are tons of other items and that they should all be combined to create the perfect “build” for your class.

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