Which are the Best Casino Games for Beginners?

We live in a world where there are loads of online casinos, each with its own set of unique games, bonuses, and features. This means choosing the right operator for you could be difficult, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You need to consider many things before you decide to open an account, one of which is the available games. The vast majority of betting websites will allow their customers to access all sorts of casino games. Most of them are really fun, but some are way harder to play than others.

So, let’s see some of the best casino games for beginners that you should try out.


Blackjack is one of the most sought-after table games in every online casino. That’s why most betting operators usually offer all sorts of blackjack variations. What’s more, some places even go one step further by providing their users with live blackjack tables. This is where you can test your skills against like-minded people and also meet a real croupier.


Apart from blackjack, the second casino game that is usually the go-to option for many people is roulette. It’s worth pointing out that there are all sorts of roulette versions out there, especially if you choose an online casino from this site. Every gambling operator found on Efirbet has both regular and live roulette games.

Some slots

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Unlike the two games we’ve mentioned above (both of which have multiple variations), some operators have thousands of slots to choose from. Most of them are similar, but they are created around a different theme, which makes them intriguing.

Slots are one of the best games for new bettors because you don’t need to do anything apart from pressing a button. Sure, some of the titles might have things like mini-games in them, but you still won’t need any experience to figure out how they work.

A few game shows

One of the most popular types of live casino games that you can find right now is game shows. The leading casino software providers have different types of game shows, such as Monopoly, Deal or No Deal, Football Studio, and more.

Even though all of the titles we’ve mentioned above are fantastic, they are a little bit more complicated. However, things like Lightning Dice, Crazy Time, and Super Sic Bo are easy, making them ideal for every new bettor who wants to taste some of the live casino action.


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Most of the online casinos out there allow their clients to try out different types of bingo games. The classic one (which can be found in almost every casino) is easy, which is why many new bettors like to try it out.

However, some bingo variations might be way more complicated. That’s why we suggest using the demo option before you decide to play for real money. It will enable you to experience the game for free and see whether it is complicated or not.


The jackpot slots look really similar to the regular ones, but there are some things that make them different. Apart from the theme that they’re focused on, most of the jackpot slots you’ll find come along with a large prize pool. This means that the winner will get a lot more cash than usual.

There are different types of jackpot games you can choose from. Some of them have a fixed prize pool, which means that you know exactly how much money you can win. However, there are also games where the prize pool increases with every unsuccessful bet. The vast majority of online casinos call those types of jackpot “progressive”. They are usually more attractive because the jackpot itself will keep getting bigger until someone wins it.

Regardless of which type of jackpot you go for, you just need to press a button and decide how much money you want to use on each spin. Be sure to find an online casino that has enough jackpot games because they are really fun.


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Generally speaking, poker can be really complicated. The game itself is not difficult, but it’s hard to play against players who know what they’re doing because you can easily lose all your money.

Luckily, most casinos you’ll come across provide different types of poker games. Those of you who have more experience can try to play on some of the live tables and see if you have what it takes to beat the competition.

However, if you haven’t played poker before, you should probably try out some of the regular poker games. You can access them by going to the “Table Games” section (you will find it on pretty much every online casino). Though, some betting websites might have a separate section called “Poker”.


Scratchcards are slowly becoming really popular, even though there are many online casinos where you still won’t find any of them. Most of these games are similar to slots in terms of the way you play (you just need to press a button), which makes them ideal for new customers.

Some of the more popular scratchcards might even have different bonus rewards or mini-jackpots, which makes them even more appealing.


Keno is an interesting game that many people like. That’s why you can find it on most online casinos. Similar to blackjack and roulette, you will come across different types of Keno. However, the classic variation will require you to choose a specific number (or numbers) and then wait for the ball (or dice) to hit them.

You will win a certain amount of money, depending on how many numbers you’ve guessed. There are some types of Keno games where you will get a bonus if you guess an X amount of numbers, others give you bonuses chances, and so on.


Regardless of what casino game you decide to try out, don’t forget to look whether you can play for free. Most online casinos nowadays have this option, so definitely take advantage of it.

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