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Finding the Best Hot and Cold Water Dispenser In 2023

When it comes to buying new appliances for the home, it pays to do your research. Not only will this ensure that you are fully knowledgeable about your new home addition, but you can also figure out what will best suit your budget while also meeting your specific requirements. That is the same when it comes to buying a hot and cold dispenser, too. If you’ve never bought one before, it can be tempting to buy or hire the cheapest option available, as they can all look quite similar. But if you wish to look more into these handy additions to the home, you’ll realize that spray cans in the market differ subtly in usage, durability, and ease of use. It is up to you to find out what will work best for you and your family.

Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Basics

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If you’re new to spray cans and have been using tap or bottled water for hydration, it cannot be obvious to see all of the available options in the market. Most machines have a standard construction, which differs slightly depending on the manufacturer and model.

The dispenser rests on a pedestal, which the main body of the cooler is placed on. There is almost always a drip tray going upwards, with a grille to provide support to cups and glasses while still providing a space to drain away possible spills. Above that, cold and hot tap or spigot is placed. It goes either with a button or a lever that can be pushed to dispense liquid in the desired temperature. And on top rests the separator and the dispenser support collar, upon which your chosen bottle will be placed.

The above information refers to bottle-fed, freestanding systems. Still, if you are looking at mains-fed coolers, the structure differs slightly, as these types of dispensers take liquid from your plumbing and, as such, do not need the external bottles of water as a source. Depending on your requirements, you may find that one or the other suits your needs best.

Countertop spray cans differ slightly in structure as well in that they lack a pedestal that the cooler rests on, and need to be put on available counter space to be in easy access to everyone.

How Do Hot and Cold Water Dispensers Work?

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Now that you’re familiar with their structure, it can be a good idea to familiarise yourself with how they work.

Bottled spray cans usually require you to place the bottle upside down on top of the spray can support collar. That way, it uses gravity and pressure to create a vacuum that will fill the machine and your cups or mugs when you press the button on the tap. With the push of a button, you will let air in and water out.

Once the bottle is placed upside down on the dispenser, the liquid is stored in a tank. Besides, a device that cools and heats the water in the reservoir is placed there. Of course, this means that your dispenser needs to be connected to electricity to work, too. Hence, it would be best if you considered the machine’s energy consumption when buying a hot and cold dispenser. And lastly, most bottle-fed water spray cans do not have filters as the water in the bottles used already comes pre-filtered. That gives you the freedom of choice to pick a source that will not only be guaranteed to be purified and filtered naturally, such as spring H20 but will taste great, too.

Buying or Hiring?

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One more thing to consider is whether to buy or hire a dispenser. Buying means that you will own your own, and will have to source and supply your bottles regularly so that you don’t run out of potable, great-tasting H20 in the home. While this gives you the freedom to pick and choose what source you may want, it can be an issue if your dispenser selected breaks suddenly. If the cooling or heating device suddenly seems to stop working, you’ll have to either get it serviced out of pocket or buy another one altogether. Of course, purchasing a dispenser means a more significant amount spent at the beginning, too, as you are acquiring a new appliance for the home. If you are budget conscious, this may be something to think about.

On the other hand, if you choose to hire a dispenser, look into borrowing from a reputable company with years of excellent service and incredible products, like Aussie Natural. Most hired spray cans come with regular servicing, which addresses maintenance needs and repair requirements if they arise. Not only that, but streamlining your supply by making use of their available water bottle delivery will not only take the stress out of continually buying new water bottles yourself, but will also provide an avenue to recycle your bottles and get a regular delivery of refreshing, high tasting water straight to your door, no fuss whatsoever! And if your circumstances change and you no longer require a spray can for your home, you won’t be stuck with an appliance in the house. You may return your hired dispenser if you so please, which means less of a headache for you, too.

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out which option is best for you. But with a little bit of research and knowing what your specific requirements are, you’ll be able to find the best hot and cold dispenser for your needs, no matter if it’s a freestanding or countertop spray can, or if you buy or hire one. There’s a dispenser out there that will be perfect for your situation.

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