5 Blackjack Bankroll and Money Management Tips for Beginner Gamblers

Everything in life can be both fun and lucrative if you know what you are doing. This is probably the truest when it comes to gambling.

Although it may seem easy when you watch professionals on TV gamble, most beginners that take up gambling as a pastime will find themselves in a lot of problems. Problems emerge for different reasons but the one that gives all of us the same issues is money management and self-management.

When gambling, the most important thing to know is that you always need to keep your head cool. Nothing should get to you and if you have the ability to self-control, the future of a gambler looks bright for you. Besides being cool-headed another important thing to know, and know just how to utilize it, is bankroll management or money management. Today we decided to address just that and tell you what you need to know and do when it comes to this topic.

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Most of you won’t want to accept this but skill is just one of the things you need when playing blackjack. The other one that is rather important is the art of managing your money while playing. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting or you are a seasoned gambler, the info we will give you today will help you out immensely so stick till the end.


To gamble successfully, you need to have a lot of money, right? Well, not exactly. You need to have an appropriate amount of money that will help you stay behind a table for as long as you have planned to gamble and help you play through some downfalls you will have without a doubt. This will also help you limit your losses during your gambling session, but before we dive too deep into the topic let’s explain what bankroll management is.

The easiest and simplest way to explain this is by telling you that it is a process of money division in a way that will allow you to have it available for gambling as much as you need it. Money management also teaches you how to behave when you have winnings and what to do with them as well as when to stop and retire from the game. Now bankroll management will tell you just how much money you need depending on the rules of the table and the minimum and maximum bet size, so you don’t run out of money mid-game. Money management never limits the amount of money you may have, because when gambling there is no such thing as too much money, but it sets a limit on how much you are ready to lose.

If you use betting units as a way to calculate your optimum bankroll you can use the guideline that defines that you shouldn’t play less than 100 units if you have 3-4 – hour-long sessions. This relates to you preparing a $100 bankroll if you are playing at a table that has a $1 bet every hand. There is another bankroll option and it is tied to losing. This option is called risk of ruin and it will define the possibility of you losing your entire bankroll. it states that if you start gambling with a large bankroll and gamble in small units your risk of ruin is very low. This is affected by some factors like your skill, rules, and bet sizes of the table, so take extra care when utilizing this option. Explained in a practical sense this would mean that if you have a $300 bankroll and wager $1 the entire time your risk of ruin is rather low, but if you increase the bet size to $50 per game you will lose your bankroll pretty fast.


Now that we’ve shown you how to calculate your bankroll, the next step is to apply the five guidelines that are critical when it comes to managing your blackjack bankroll.

1. Play with at least 100 betting units

This guideline is intended to help you stay safe by allowing you to have enough money to weather a downturn. We all have terrible days now and again, and this is where you may allow yourself to recover.

2. Distribute your funds

This guideline refers to money management over a longer period. If you want to gamble for more than one day, such as a weekend or a week, the best thing you can do is not bring all of your money to one table at the same time.

3. Make use of a hit-or-stand chart

There are charts called hit or stand that can help you enhance your game, believe it or not. Your odds and safety improve the better you play and comprehend these charts and what is going on at the table at all times.


4. Maintain mental sharpness

Anyone may and will be broken down by gambling, especially for extended periods or for a whole day. What you can do is devise a unique approach for limiting your gaming time to a few hours at a time. This will keep your head clear, less weary, and better able to follow through on all you need to, to improve your chances. Another thing to add here is not that it’s needed, but always, and always, avoid playing when tired or when you have a lot going on your mind.

5. Always bet one unit

Blackjack tends to suck you in immediately and cause you to lose your pace and control. You should always wager a single unit to retain the pace and prevent progressive betting. In this manner, you’ll set limits for yourself and save a lot of money on impulsive bets that won’t pay off.

Blackjack is a great game to play if you just want to have a good time. You don’t need a large bankroll to have a good time. You can put $50 down at a $5 table and play until you double it or lose it all. It’s entirely up to you how you play, but bear in mind that there are other factors to consider when playing blackjack than a healthy bankroll strategy. You also have other helpful strategies, but more on those some other occasion. Stay safe and gamble responsibly, as always.

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