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Why the Can Am Spyder is the Ultimate Three Wheeled Adventure Machine

The Can Am Spyder is a three wheeled motorcycle manufactured by BRP. With two wheels in the front and one in the back, the Can Am Spyder combines the thrill of riding a motorcycle with the stability of a car. Often categorized as a “roadster,” it delivers an unparalleled riding experience.

With excellent handling, powerful engine options, a comfortable ergonomic design, ample customization, reliability and important safety features, the Can Am Spyder is built for adventure. Keep reading to learn why the Can Am Spyder is the ultimate three wheeled adventure machine.

Stability and Handling

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The Can Am Spyder features a sophisticated Vehicle Stability System (VSS) that monitors conditions and adjusts accordingly to maximize stability. Linked brakes add to the consistent, confident feel of the roadster. The system reduces rollover risk and inspires rider confidence.

With two front wheels and a low sitting engine, the Can Am Spyder maintains a low center of gravity. This allows it to confidently lean into curves without compromising stability. The dual A arms and anti dive geometry add to the balanced ride.

Power and Performance

When we talk about power and performance, we have the following main qualities:

Rotax engines

The Can Am Spyder offers a range of Rotax engine options. From the peppy Rotax 900 ACE to the muscular Rotax 1330 ACE, each engine provides ample power for acceleration and passing. Cruising RPMs are low, keeping the ride quiet and vibration free.

Manual/semi automatic transmission

Whether riders prefer a manual’s sporty feel or an automatic ease, the Can Am Spyder offers choices.

The semi automatic SE5 and SE6 models allow gear changes via handlebar paddles. The manual SM5 features a conventional foot shifted 6 speed transmission.

Impressive 0 60 times

The 190 horsepower Rotax 1330 ACE engine delivers exciting acceleration. The Can Am Spyder F3 Limited model hits 0-60 mph in a thrilling 4.5 seconds. Even heavier RT touring models can reach 60 mph in under 7 seconds.

Comfort and Convenience

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Ergonomics are engineered for all day rides with adjustable seating and controls. Storage solutions keep gear organized within reach. Intuitive infotainment integrates seamlessly into the ride experience. Function meets comfort so adventures can continue as long as the open road.

Ergonomic design

The Can Am Spyder cockpit features adjustable handlebars and seats to tailor the fit based on rider height and reach preference. Generous floorboards allow riders to stretch out with room for passengers. The low 26 inch seat height ensures riders of all sizes can confidently place feet down at stops.

Weather protection

For travelers headed on longer journeys, Can Am Spyder RT and F3 Limited models offer adjustable windscreens, heated grips and seats, adjustable air vents and waterproof storage. Riders can take on changing weather and climate conditions in comfort.

Storage capacity

With dual glove boxes, rear trunks and configurable top cases and side cargo accessories, Can Am Spyders provide ample configured storage for weekend trips or longer tours with capacity topping out around 60 liters. Some models even allow for towing a small trailer.

Customization Options

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Extensive accessories allow for personal touches in styling, storage and tour preparedness. Riders feel confident to craft their Spyder into exactly the machine for their dream roadtrips. Options invite self expression while expanding functionality for recreational activities.

Aftermarket parts

As a widely popular roadster bike, a full spectrum of aftermarket accessories and parts enable customization. Riders can tune performance, adapt ergonomics and outfit their Can Am Spyder uniquely with custom detailing options.

Accessories catalog

An extensive catalog of OEM parts offers customization through integrated accessories explicitly designed for Can Am Spyder models. With audio, luggage, wind and weather protection, comfort and styling options, the accessories catalog enables a custom fit.

Make it your own

Whether riders favor OEM accessories or aftermarket parts, they can customize fit, finishing, styling, technology, luggage, protection and performance to make their Can Am Spyder a personal creation. From race inspired bobbed fenders to sophisticated touring comfort, the options abound.

Reliability and Safety

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Can Am prioritizes the safety and peace of mind of every rider. Advanced technologies work seamlessly together to maintain control in hazardous situations.

Meanwhile, redundant systems and extensive durability testing ensure adventures can continue smoothly in challenging conditions. Safety and reliability are at the heart of every Spyder motorcycle.

Safety features

Can Am Spyder motorcycles come equipped with advanced safety technologies like ABS brakes, stability control and traction control. These features work together to maintain control in risky situations.

Dual front wheels provide extra stability at high speeds or over uneven surfaces. Redundant electronic throttle controls and a manual backup kick start allow operation to continue even if systems fail. Multiple layers of protection are built into every model for maximum peace of mind.

Confidence on the road

The low center of gravity and wider track of the three wheeled design make the Can Am Spyder very stable at speed. Electronic aids seamlessly boost control without effort from the rider. Experienced and new riders alike feel secure thanks to intuitive handling.

Generous storage gives riders the freedom to carry cargo without worrying about balance. Confidence to explore comes standard on every Spyder motorcycle.

Peace of Mind on Long Journeys

Can Am Spyder motorcycles are built to rack up the highway miles with minimal maintenance concerns. Dual front wheels share the load to reduce wear on components like tires and brakes.

Redundant systems ensure riders can complete their trips even in remote areas. Regular service intervals are generous so repairs are infrequent. Riders stay focused on the open road instead of mechanical issues.

Proven Durability in all Conditions

Can Am designed Spyders to perform reliably in varying weather and terrain. ABS brakes and traction control maintain control on slippery surfaces from wet pavement to loose gravel. Rigorous testing subjects prototypes to extreme heat, cold and corrosion to prove durability.

Feedback from riders worldwide in all climates continues to strengthen Spyder designs. Harsh elements won’t interrupt adventures on a Spyder motorcycle.


With excellent stability from its three wheel configuration, ample power with sporty acceleration, ergonomic comfort for long distances, full customization to suit personal style, essential safety aids to inspire confidence and a thrilling ride feel, the Can Am Spyder represents the ultimate three wheel adventure machine.

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