Can Your Fiancée’s UK-Based Visa be Rejected?

Anyone who has planned to shift to the United Kingdom must desire to go with their future spouse. It is a challenging task to apply to acquire a visa. Filing an application is not at all easy, and many chances of rejection are there due to several unfair reasons.

You must try hard to apply to acquire the visa and shift with your future marriage partner. It is quite crucial to keep trying and avoid making mistakes to prevent receiving the resident visa. In this write-up, we will discuss whether your fiancée’s UK visa is rejected or not. Understanding everything about the visa process and why the immigration officers can refuse it.

Anyone who is applying for it should avoid some basic mistakes to avoid reattempting it repeatedly. Understanding the criteria of eligibility and checking whether you are fulfilling them is essential. After understanding all the necessary details, you can acquire a visa.

Can Your Fiancée’s UK Resident Visa be Disapproved?


Undoubtedly, the resident visa of your future partner spouse can get disapproved if the criteria of eligibility are not at all followed. Sometimes, you should reapply for it until you shift to any state of the United Kingdom.

Many reasons are applicable for the denial of an application, and one must avoid making some basic mistakes. One must explore the criteria of eligibility and determine various reasons for the denial. If you need to gather visa information, you must visit

Criteria of Eligibility

Candidates must fulfill the criteria of eligibility to receive a visa and shift to any state of the UK.

  • Your partner and your age must be above 18 years.
  • All previous marriages and relationships must be ended.
  • Financially secured and have sufficient income to shift to any state of the UK.
  • Pass the language test of British English.
  • Provide proof to ensure that you will get married in six months.
  • Start living in the UK and show resident proof.
  • Submit all the relationship proofs to ensure the marriage status.

Reasons for Visa Refusal


1. When You Do Not Attach Any Document of Showing Genuine Relationship

While visa application, you must provide genuine documents to ensure relationship proof with your future husband. If this document is not real, your application will get rejected. You should provide proof of the first meeting with your fiancée and whenever you will get married with your partner.

One must provide proof that you will get married in six months after you arrive in any UK state. All the immigration officers check all the essential documents to ensure your relationship is real. You must check out the list of proofs that you must submit with the application.

2. When You Cannot Fulfill Financial Needs

Before going ahead for the future partner visa, you must fulfill all the essential financial needs. Your income must be over 18K pounds. Whenever you get married and move with your child to any state of the UK, you must show additional income to receive a visa.

You need to show documents regarding cash savings, annual taxes, pension documents, rentals, income sources, etc. If anyone is unable to fulfill their financial needs, one has to pay extra to the immigration solicitor and get a visa. But you must wait for some time until your application gets approved.

3. When Payslips Get Refused


Your visa can easily get rejected when you do not give enough payment slips as income proof. It is crucial to offer salary slips of at least six months, showing proof of making good enough to acquire the visa.

You must attach all the pay slips while filling out the application form and submitting other documents. Recent salary slips are enough to show whether you are financially capable of moving to any state of the UK.

4. When the Self-Employed Income Proofs Get Rejected

Many applicants submit proofs that depict income through self-employment. It also includes pre-tax statements. It is necessary to submit all the documents that show complete personal income, including all the taxes and additional expenses. In many cases, the self-employed proofs get rejected. Therefore, it is quite better to determine the criteria of eligibility and all the essential documents you can submit.

5. When You Provide Outdated Bank Balance Statements

It is crucial to provide your income proof by submitting your bank statements. But if your essential documents are outdated, your application can get rejected, and you must reapply for it.

The bank balance statement must be recent and not older than 30 days. The officials check the bank statements carefully and understand the expenses status of the candidate.

6. When You Make Mistakes While Filling the Application Form


It can also get rejected whenever you make any mistake while filling out the form. You must fill in every detail carefully and pay the required fee accordingly. Once you apply for it, all your essential documents are completely checked and verified.

A single mistake can reject the application, and, in this way, your submitted fee will get wasted. You can avoid this situation by not making any mistakes while filling out and submitting the form.

What Happens if Your Fiancée’s Visa Gets Rejected?

Many reasons are possible for refusing a visa, as mentioned above. If you are confused and desire to determine the reasons, you must go through all the possible reasons. When you observe your mistake, you need to reapply for it.

Before filling out the form and submitting the essential documents, you must ensure everything is alright. You must consider the criteria of eligibility and fulfill them. You must keep patience with the process of competition, as it can take a lot of time to acquire a visa.

Final Thoughts

Many reasons are applicable for visa refusal. The immigration officials can reject the application if they detect any mistakes, as mentioned above. You should reapply once it gets refused.

One must fulfill the criteria of eligibility and submit all necessary documents to approve the application. It is quite better if you avoid making mistakes in acquiring a visa for a future marriage partner.

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