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Can you Wash football Jerseys?

Being a consumer of this sport has made you a fan of collecting T-shirts from wearing them to not wanting to do so to keep them and, in this way, take care of them because of how important they are to you. In the world, there are collectors with more than 6,000 copies.

What happens the day you decide to wear one of those shirts that have been in the collection for a long time, and when you take it off, you ask yourself, can you wash a football shirt?

What is the correct care for washing a football shirt?

We understand that, when it comes to wearing your favorite football shirt, one of your primary fears is whether you can wash it after you put it on.

The answer is yes, you can. But with the necessary measures, if your shirts do not take care of in the right way, you can damage them. Also, this is why you should follow the instructions that will help you take care of them.

Even if your football shirts have vinyl prints, washing them can be difficult, and in this case, it is recommended not to wash them aggressively in the washing machines or dry them directly in the dryer.

Soccer shirts made of polyester fiber, which has multiple benefits, one of which is that, when washed and dried in the open air, they always tend not to wrinkle and maintain their original shape.

How do you wash the football shirts?

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There are correct ways in which football shirts should be a wash. These instructions must carry out to keep them in good condition and last longer.

One of the most important parts of football shirts is their vinyl prints. For this reason, shirts should be taken care of it. Otherwise, the photographs can fall off, get stained, or lose their color.

Washing it is best to do so manually and in cold water:

  • Turn the shirt over; this will make the chemicals that make up the soap you usually use not have direct contact with the front of the shirt.
  • Let it rest with soap in a bowl for 30 minutes, to remove the soap with the water and the T-shirt; you only have to make slight circular movements.
  • After 30 minutes, take the T-shirt out of the soapy water and put it in clean water. Once inside the bowl with clean water, gently remove any stains you may have with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Finally, squeeze slowly, lightly and delicately.
  • Leave to dry in the open air; remember that the flannel must keep turning over. As suggested by Pegs for Life you can even use stainless steel pegs for your jerseys to dry.

When washing the T-shirts by hand, it is essential not to rub the prints hard, rinse. The trick is to treat the prints and T-shirts as delicately as possible.

Can they be washed in a washing machine?

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Yes, you can, only if you do it properly. If you don’t have the necessary tools, it’s better to leave safely and do it manually. Constant washing in the washing machine could damage them in the long run.

To wash the T-shirts in the washing machine, you must have a unique bag for delicate clothes; used for underwear. These mesh bags prevent the garments from twisting, having rough contact with the washing machine, or getting caught in other garments that may have zippers.

These tights are easy to get and easy to use; once you have them, they will be instrumental in being able to wash a football shirt.

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Before thinking about washing a football shirt in the washing machine, you must take into account that the shirt must be boil alone, adding other garments to the washing machine, can carry the risk of suffering from color stains.

  • Turn the T-shirt over, just like washing it by hand; it is advisable to turn it over first; this way, it does not directly contact the chemicals in the soap.
  • Stretch it out and put it in the delicates bag, the correct way to introduce it is to take it by the two sides of the shoulders, let it fall by layers inside the mesh, once it is introduced inside the mesh, close it.
  • Prepare the water in the washing machine with special soap for delicate garments and put the mesh with the shirt inside the washing machine.
  • The washing machine must set to “fine fabric” mode to be able to wash your football shirt; otherwise, if not done in this way, the shirt could be quickly damaged.
  • The time you should leave washing the soccer shirt should be approximately 15 minutes because it is only one garment. Do not use fabric softeners.
  • Once the washing machine has done its job, remove the bag, and take out the football shirt, it will be clean and only dry.
  • For drying, it is recommended not to use dryers; they can directly attack the prints that come with this type of shirt. You must leave it drying in the open air, in the same way, it was a wash, turned over.

When leaving the T-shirts to dry in the open air, it is advisable not to expose them to the sun but to dry them in the shade. Once it is dry, the work will be ready.

How to take care of your football shirt?

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With use, football shirts can experience various damages that have been giving over time. Are there correct measures to keep the shirts in optimal condition?

The main problems that occur in people who collect football shirts can be moisture along with bad odors, fear of damage to the printed shields, fading of the fabric, stains from use.

And all these problems can be solved by washing in the right way, with the shirt turned over and with cold water or the weather, washing with hot water could directly attack the patches printed.

Having your clothes in good condition depends only on you, washing a football shirt is not an easy task, but doing it the right way will last many years.

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