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5 Canadian Sports Figures to Follow on Twitter

Many sports fans go to Twitter to fetch information on the teams and players they support. It is also on Twitter, where fans share their opinions and thoughts.

On the other hand, the teams and individual players use Twitter to increase the number of followers and maintain their fan loyalty. They can achieve that by posting updates frequently. They do so to update the fans who do not watch the game in real-time.

Twitter has all kinds of teams. From the individual players, we love and support to the ones we hate. However, whether they are the most loved, serious, losers, or full of inspiration, your opinion is different from others.
Here is a list of some Canadian sports figures that you should not miss in your Twitter follow list.

Eugene Melnyk

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Born in May 1959 in Toronto, this businessman is the owner, governor, and chairman of the Ottawa Senators, and a franchisee of the National Hockey League(NHL). His Twitter handle is @MelnykEugene.

This Canadian Ottawa Senator’s chairman is always optimistic about his team. He says that rebuilding the team has not been easy, but they are well prepared for the Stanley Cup, and he has hopes that his team will bring the cup home.

Melnyk ranks at 79th position in the world in terms of wealth. Ottawa Senators is not the only sports team he purchased. In 2001, Melnyk purchased St. Michael’s Majors of Ontario Hockey League. By that time, they were playing at St. Michael’s college school’s arena.

This new owner planned to move the team to Mississauga. However, the Mississauga IceDogs were using the field, so instead of giving up on it, he bought the IceDogs in 2006. He then sold it in 2007 so that the Majors could now move to Mississauga.

The Ottawa of Canada takes the 23rd position of the highest valued franchise. Despite the hate and the backlash, Melnyk has stated that he will not sell the franchise.

Bianca Andreescu

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This famous Canadian professional tennis player is only 20 years old. Born in June 2000, she is the highest-ranked Canadian tennis player in women’s tennis and ranks at number 4 as the world’s best.

She made it to the top position during the US and Canadian open days, beating Serena Williams, a known champion. Her Twitter handle is @Bandreescu_. At 20 years, she has over 199,000 followers, with her account verified.
Bianca is also the first tennis player in Canada to win the grand slam. She won that title while still a teenager and became the first teenager to win the grand slam title in 2006.

Bianca did not play any game in the Women’s Tennis association in 2018, which dragged her down. She attained the runners up in the first event held in 2019, the Auckland Open.

Later on, she gained her prowess and won the Indian Wells Open, a premier mandatory tournament. Many tennis commentators and her fans describe her style of play as fun.

Denis Shapovalov

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He is only 21 years old, yet his name is known worldwide. This Canadian professional tennis player was born in April 1999, and he ranks at position 12 of the best tennis players in the world. He has been the youngest in the top 30 rankings since 2005.

His Twitter handle is @denis_shapo, with a verified account that has over 101,000 followers. Denis became famous when he reached the Master’s semifinal in the 2017 Canadian open. He was only 18 years, and he beat champions like Juan Martín del Potro and Rafael Nadal.

In 2018, he made it to another Masters’s semifinal during the 2018 Madrid open. On May 21st, 2019, he was the top-ranked Canadian in the ATP rankings. Denis is not known for participating in double playing, but during the 2019 Italian open, he partnered with Fernando Verdasco to reach the last 16.

In June 2019, he partnered with Rohan Bopanna to reach the finals during the Mercedescup in 2019. He also ranked at the 12th position during the 2024 US open. His Italian open semifinals’ participation made him get to the top 10, which was his first time.

Lucas Makowsky

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This Canadian speed skater was born in May 1987. He had a passion for speed skating when he was only six years.
In the 2008-09 season, Makowsky ranked Canada’s first position in the 5,000m and 10,000m. His Twitter handle is @lucas_makowsky, and he can speak both English and French.

Makowsky also won a gold medal when he took part in the 2010 Winter Olympics, competing for Canada in the 1500m and 5,000 m. That happened on February 27th, in the team pursuit, together with Denny Morrison and Mathieu Giroux. Besides skating, he is an engineering and economics graduate and has a following of about 1,462.

Brooke Henderson

This 23-year-old Canadian golfer is a famous sports figure with many people following her on social media platforms, including Twitter. She played for the LPGA Tour and was given the Canadian female athlete’s title for three consecutive years; 2015, 2017, and 2018.

At the age of 18, she was already famous for winning her first major at KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. At that time, she was the youngest winner. Since June 2019, she has won over nine times in the LPGA, making her the most victorious golfer.

The golfers voted for her as the winner of the 2019 Founders Award. This young champ learned golf at an early age. Her family has many players, from her parents to Tom Henderson, her uncle, who has competed at the top amateur level in Ottawa.

She won the Lotte Championship, which marked her 6th win at LPGA Tour in April 2014. Brooke set the record by becoming the first Canadian to win the Canadian Women’s Open, held in August 2018. That was after Jocelyne Bourassa won in 1973. Up to date, Brooke has achieved nine victories on the LPGA, breaking the Canadian golf record.

Final Words

To maintain your fans’ loyalty, you must make them feel closer to you by finding a platform where they can give their views and suggestions. Twitter is one of those platforms that players can keep updating their fans on any information. Failure to engage with your fans will make you lose them.

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