Which Caribbean Island Is Easiest To Immigrate To?

The Caribbean represents one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. That is not a surprise considering the beauty and activities that these exotic islands are offering. If you love traveling there for a vacation, you should know that some of the countries in this area are providing great terms for getting a Caribbean passport. Here are the Caribbean islands where it is simple to get citizenship.

St. Kitts and Nevis


This is one of the most popular options among those who are interested in getting a second passport. One of the reasons why it is so attractive is because the process is quite simple. There are two models where you can get citizenship. The first one is by donation, which is $150k. Also, you can pay the additional fee if you want to bring your family.

Therefore, a family of four will have to pay less than $200k. On the other side, there is an even more popular solution, which is by investing in real estate on this island. The minimum value is $200k. The processing is very fast as well, and you can expect that it will last no longer than two or three months. The additional rule related to real estate is that you cannot sell the property in the next seven years, while that time is decreased in case you bought a property for more than $400k.

There are some other great benefits as well, such as the ability to travel to more than 150 countries, including the UK, countries of the Commonwealth, the EU, and more. Also, there is no income tax, which means that it can be a great solution to start a business in this place. Besides that, we have to mention that it is allowed to have dual citizenship.

St. Lucia


The terms for getting citizenship in this country are very similar to the previous one. The common solution of making a donation is cheaper, and it is $100k while investing in property is set to a minimum of $300k. There is another solution available as well, which is by investing in bonds. A single person should invest at least $250k for this option, while a family of four can gain full citizenship with an investment of $300k.

However, keep in mind that there won’t be any interest in the first five years. There are many benefits of choosing this country. The passport is well-recognized, and you will be able to travel to EU, the UK, Hong Kong, and more. Also, it is a great solution for families with kids to secure great education for them since they will be able to go to popular universities in the UK and other countries.

Antigua and Barbuda


Since so many people showed interest in the option to donate or buy a property to get citizenship, a lot of Caribbean countries recognized that as a great solution to increase investments and improve the living standard. Another country that recently introduced this option is Antigua and Barbuda.

The amount you have to do through donation is $100k, and only an additional $25k for a family of four, while the minimum value of the property is $200k. When it comes to the benefits, they are similar to previous countries. You will be able to travel to a lot of countries, and the biggest advantage is that this place has great relations with the EU and the UK.

Dominican Republic


This is another place with similar options. The donation is $100k, while the investment must be at least $200k. The duration of the passport is 10 years. On the other side, there are some simple ways to get a full residency as well, and you won’t need full citizenship in this case. All you need to do is to prove your income to get a residency permit, and this process is fast and simple.

If you spend more than 5 years in this country, you will get permanent residence. When it comes to the benefits, this place is very cheap, yet it has a decent living standard. Health care is also on a higher level. These are only some of the reasons why so many remote workers are interested in moving to this country.



One of the best things about getting a passport to this country is that you will be able to travel to Europe and China. Therefore, an excellent solution for businesses. While you will need a visa for travel to the US, the process is not so complicated, and there is an option to get one for a duration of 10 years.

There is an income tax, but only for domestic businesses, which means that you won’t need to pay taxes while working for an international company. The terms for donation are to pay $150k, while the investment should be at least $220k. The duration of a passport is five years.

Main Benefits of Moving to the Caribbean


First of all, we have to mention the simplicity of the process. It will take around two or three months to complete it. Also, investing in property can be a profitable option considering the rising prices of real estate in these countries.

Besides that, it is quite simple to add your family and secure passports for all of them. Moreover, a lot of these places are considered tax havens because there are no income taxes or capital gains taxes. You can have dual citizenship as well.

Another advantage is the ability to travel to many countries all over the world. Also, you can secure improved health care and education for your kids. For example, countries that are part of the Commonwealth provide a simple process for students to go to some of the best universities in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

In the end, it can be a great opportunity to start a business in this place due to excellent benefits that include no taxes, great connections with other countries, and more. Besides that, you can rent your property to secure passive income.

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