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Cashmere Care Guide -Tips To Make It Last A Lifetime

With the first days of winter, you realize the importance of having a wardrobe that has warm and soft things. If you need a soft and warm hug on cold winter days, then a cashmere pullover or a sweater is the ideal choice. Each of you likely has a piece of such clothes in your closet. Whether it’s mittens, scarf, a coat – we’re all grateful for such gentle this material provides. Cashmere clothes are not cheap for a reason. Its quality certainly justifies the price, but such clothing must be stored properly so it can last as long as possible and gives you the softness that makes this material far too famous.

The High Price Will Pay You Off In The Long Run

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Warm, soft and incredibly chic, the cashmere sweater is a must-have winter wardrobe. You will be happy to wear it for years, so its high price will certainly pay off. Don’t save money because a cheap sweater will sting you all winter long – and after a while, it will lose its softness and stretch. On the contrary, a lightweight cashmere sweater, if maintained properly – will be more than pleasant protection against the cold. You will be more than happy to wear it for years, so its high price will certainly pay off.

Make Sure It Is 100% Cashmere

If you have once felt the softness of this material, rest assured that you will always be able to recognize that fine, smooth, silky wool. When you move your hand over it, there should be no creases, wrinkles or bumps. You can also test the quality of a sweater by pinching it close to your neck or cheek. If you still feel a gentle softness, be sure it is the right cashmere that will not irritate your skin. A high price can also be an indication that this is a high-quality material. Do not buy it unless it is labeled or it says it’s a mixture. Only pure cashmere is worth the money you spent.

Choose Thicker And Elastic Sweater

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Before reaching for your favorite color, take a look at what weaving looks like. Put your hand under the sweater, so if it goes through the threads, it’s a single-layer weave. That means the sweater is too thin and won’t have enough elasticity. That is why it is always better to choose a model with a two-layer weave. A two-layer weave will add to the quality of your sweater, make it stronger, and more adaptable to your body shape. If the cold winter is coming, you can also get one with four or even six-layer weave that will be even better, thicker and warmer.

Proven Quality

When it comes to this material, some manufacturers are synonymous with quality. According to ItalyInCashmere, when you choose clothes you should pay attention to the type of this fabric and labels – so you can be sure you get the clothes you are paying for. The main advice when purchasing is to buy from those who specialize in this type of fabric. Then, you can be sure that your sweater will last as long as you want to wear it.

Taking Care Of Cashmere Clothes

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While this may take a while, make sure that your cashmere sweater, with adequate washing and drying, will last forever. Wash it in cold water with gentle detergent – with fine linen or cashmere shampoo. Do not rub roughly or strain it – just gently rub it gently with your hands when washing. Finally, dry the sweater by wrapping it in a towel, then lower it to a flat surface for drying.

Fabric Combinations

A touch of clothing on the skin does not seem like the most important item when choosing wardrobe pieces – until you experience the feeling that a piece of clothes made of the finest cashmere, silk, cotton or other natural materials provides. Though material quality seems to be crucial for comfort in clothing – it’s also important for the beautiful look that usually comes from a good inner feel. So it’s no wonder that there has been a “blend” of these quality natural materials that give you the softness, warmth, and enjoyment of a gentle touch. Therefore, in addition to 100% cashmere, combinations with other natural materials are also well-known today. Of course, their price is a bit lower, but the fact is that they do not have the same properties as pure cashmere.

Silk Cashmere

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This blend of silk and cashmere can satisfy even the taste of demanding customers. In truth, its properties have been altered, but only partially and to a lesser extent. Silk as a natural material is very suitable for this combination. Specifically, its accessories make clothing easier to manufacture, strengthen the material, but on the other hand, it does not take much away from the heat and softness of the material. If you have to compromise already – be sure this compromise is perfectly acceptable.

Cotton Cashmere

It is also not a bad combination as it will not take away the heat of the material. Still, this is a slightly less convenient combination as it tends to stretch and therefore requires some extra care.

What Is The Right Care For Such Products?

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Like any wool, this one also requires proper care. This is a luxurious fabric with excellent aesthetic and useful properties. Improper care can be irreversibly damaged or completely destroyed.

Basic Rules For Using Cashmere Clothing

  • Cashmere retains its excellent properties by ventilation. Be careful not to wear a sweater two days in a row, and wear cashmere clothing at least every other day. The sweater will rest and ventilate.
  • Never wash clothes at a temperature higher than 20 ° C. Cashmere clothing will retain its shape only in water up to 20 ° C, will not shrink and destroy. If you decide to wash your sweater in a washing machine, use only a wool program at 20 ° C. However, it is safest to wash it with your hands. Do not strain it by hand, but gently with a towel.
  • Never wash and dry the sweater directly in the sun or the dryer – this can cause irreversible changes in the fabric structure, the sweater will be destroyed and lose its softness and fineness.
  • Do not iron cashmere clothes at all.
  • Most importantly, let’s keep this in mind: Follow the instructions on the label when maintaining your cashmere garments.

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