California Fires: Update

Before we tell you what’s going on in California and its wildfires in 2019, we have to make sure that you understand how they first start. These fires in California are able to move through thousands of acres of land in just a few hours and can set fire to …

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Seaweed Farming To Fight Climate Change

Scientific evidence suggests that seaweed farming combats the devastating effects of climate change. By absorbing CO2 emissions, offsetting acidification, and creating underwater ecosystems to support life, seaweed farming is an industry set to revolutionize the world. This miraculous plant is not only helping the planet to breathe again but is …

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The Benefits of Renewable Sources Of Energy

In the past decades, many countries around the world have slowly adopted renewable sources of energy and have encouraged their citizens to do the same thing. We can all agree that this is great and that eventually, we should all stop using fossil fuels. In this article, we are going …

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