Talkspace Successfully Completes A New Round Of Funding

Talkspace is the platform that allows people to get in touch with mental health professionals through their app or website. The company is designed to make therapy accessible for all, and the company has been growing as they release products that will help people like teenagers and couples. The founder …

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The Importance of Keeping Track of Company’s Finances 

Every small and big business has inflow and outflow of money to worry about. Businesses need the inflow of money in order to keep operating, but there is always some amount of money leaving the company for all kinds of different expenses such as payrolls, investments, operational expenses, and similar. …

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What is Forex Trading and is Nigeria ready for it

Retail Foreign Exchange Market or Forex trading is one of the potential ways for people to earn money in Nigeria. It is based on the idea that leading currencies used for international trading fluctuates in value, relative to one another. The idea is that you should properly speculate when the …

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