Build the perfect Gaming PC With this Quick Guide

We all reach a point in our life where we fantasize about wanting to build our custom gaming PC starting from scratch. Many would think it is as simple as just throwing inexpensive parts and components and just connecting them. But not everything is compatible with everything, and to get …

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4 New Features to Expect from The New Cold War Season 2

The new Call of Duty Cold War became the latest installation in the “almost two-decade-old” shooter franchise. And although fans got plenty of things to say about the release trailer, the game was still a financial success for Treyarch. But with the release of both Cold War and Warzone, many …

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Is Dota 2 the Most Popular Esports Game in the World

The world of video games has really taken a turn in the last five or so years. Nowadays, the gaming industry is among the most lucrative branches of entertainment, drawing in millions of fans and generating billions of dollars in revenue. Thanks to such phenomena as video games content on …

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