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How to Make Healthcare Waiting Areas Safer

During the pandemic, healthcare facilities have had to adapt quickly to ensure each and every room is clean and equipped to enable social distancing. One of the rooms of the highest concern in the lobby, where patients wait in close proximity. Developing strategies to keep people distanced safely and answer …

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10 Aquarium Facts You Didn’t Know About

You have seen them in the mall, or your nearest Waterworld resort, or you might even have one in your home. To most people, an aquarium is nothing more than a fish tank with little fish swimming inside, hiding when people get too close. What seems to escape the attention …

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11 Tips for a Perfect Home-Made Cake

While store-bought, perfect cakes make a great accompaniment to an event or celebration, there’s nothing quite like a home-made cake. Whether it’s the extra love and care we put into them or the satisfaction of knowing that we made the perfect cake, home-made cakes are simply the best. However, we …

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