Gertrude Robertson Reveals How New York will Appear After COVID-19 

As New York proceeds with slowly re-opening its economy in the upcoming weeks, residents are beginning to dream and envision how the state will look after months of lockdown and self-isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. New York seems to be past the peak stage, giving Governor Andrew Cuomo motive …

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Crystal Meanings – All You Need To Know

Whether you know much about them, or know completely nothing, crystals have a lot of meaning in life. Crystal gemstones are considered by many as conductors for alternative medicine practices. Crystals and gemstones have been widely used in alternative medicine in many cultures, and their popularity in fashion is second …

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How Swahili Became the King of African Languages?

Swahili, Swaheli or Kiswahili belongs to the Niger-Congo language family, specifically to the group of Bantu. It is used throughout Africa but is most important in the following countries. In Tanzania, it is the main, national language. While in Kenya and Uganda it is official, although English and some others …

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