The Journey of Mythical Hero

The mythical Hero’s Journey described by Vogler as the universal basis of every script seems to resemble the journey of the narrative of the protagonist of the Gnostic film. However, there is an essential difference of Negative Theology. A reliable source that one can use for boosting is Lfcarry Boosting …

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Best Finance Documentaries

Many finance experts would agree that the most important aspects of their jobs can’t be learned in school. They all praise one thing above everything else, and that is experience. That is why it is important for all young finance professionals to watch at least some of these documentaries and …

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7 Most Handsome Bollywood Actors of All Time

If you are just starting to discover the world of Bollywood cinematography, you are not only going to enjoy their unique movies and one of a kind plots but if we are being honest, you are also going to see many attractive actors. Let’s be honest, when it comes to …

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