Malayalam Musicians You Need To Follow

Malayalam music is very charming and mesmerizing, and it even has the power to completely lighten-up your mood. Malayalam music has been around ever since the 9th century CE, and it’s very popular in the Kerala region of India. Its popularity is so huge that Malayalam music is fully integrated …

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What are the most popular Naa Songs?

If you are anything like us, then you love to experiment when it comes to different kinds of music. Have you ever had a chance to listen to Indian music? If your answer is not, then this is definitely something that you should do, soon. Since Naa tunes are our …

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The Most Popular Tamil Songs

The southern Indian state known as Tamil Nadu is a place rich in culture and history, where people enjoy music to the fullest, doing it passionately and with great love. The Tamil music genre is understandably extremely popular in India, however, in recent years it has also started to draw …

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