5 Reasons you Need a Parental Control App

In the 21st century, the world is digital and the kids are smarter. Things are not as simple as they used to be, hence parenting has become difficult. But alas with every difficulty there is a solution hence the problem that arose with children having digital devices in their hand …

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Types of Baby Bottles and How to Keep them Clean

If you have a baby, you already know what it feels like to take care of something so vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Babies don’t have a developed immune system, so if the parents are not careful with the hygiene, they are risking a potential health issue. Today we are …

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What No One Told You About Childbirth

You thought you were perfectly prepared for childbirth and managing the situation, but you will soon realize that not everything is as it is in the books. Doctors, midwives, mothers, friends tell you about childbirth, but also, they all “forget” to say something. Women who give birth usually tell pregnant …

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