Sexting Lines to Get Her Attention in 2021

In a sea full of bad sexting lines, everyone wants to stand out as the lone clever sexter. Saying a version of “that’s hot” or “I wish I were with you right now” doesn’t have to be the fate of your sexting experiences. Yes, it’s possible to avoid the trap …

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How To Initiate Sex On First Date?

In our society, the romantic script has usually been followed like this Boy likes girl. The boy asks the girl out; boy initiates contact. And then the relationship gets continues. It is like a tradition. Now it is 2021 and things regarding sex and dating are getting changed. Now people …

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11 Facts & Biggest Myths About Adult Toys in Bed

Years ago sex toys were a myth and no one was really comfortable about using them or even talking about them, for that matter. They were a medical solution to treat hysterical women in the past, and years later the manufacturers sold them as massagers since people weren’t as open-minded. …

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