Living In Australia? What’s it Like Compared To USA?

It’s easy to draw parallels between Australia and countries like the United States. For starters, Los Angeles is a place that resembles Australia a lot. From blue skies to sunny beaches, LA is the perfect place for Aussies and vice versa. Secondly, Australians and Americans both speak the same language, …

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Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin – All You Need To Know

Yogi Bear may be one of the most popular fictional bear characters there is. Though Yogi and his nephew remain fictional, Fort Atkinson has several crews similar to the ranger who’s always after him. In fact, Fort Atkinson in southeast Wisconsin is home to the famous Jellystone Park. The city …

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Why Living in Buenos Aires is a Good Idea

If your plan is to go to South America but want to stay in a European-looking country, Buenos Aires seems a good compromise. Life there is very similar to a European City, indeed Argentinian culture. The megalopolis Argentina has inherited the passage of different European cultures, especially Italian and Spanish …

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