Traveling To Israel – 7 Things to Know in 2020

When you first travel to Israel, you will notice that the people are quite friendly and welcoming of guests. And while this statement is true, you won’t be welcomed the same when you first land in the country. Israelis are very patriotic. Simply said, they put their country before anything else. …

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African Safari – Top 5 Animals to See in 2020

A safari in Africa is a way to spot majestic lions on the Kalahari dunes, relaxing watching elephants swim in the midday sun, or packing wild dogs as they run at high speed and chase prey. These are some of the wildlife that safari travelers can encounter in Africa. Safari …

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Culture in El Salvador – 2020 Travel Guide

Today let’s look at El Salvador one of the smallest and most densely populated Central American countries and uncover some tasty facts that may even surprise you. Culture Despite its relatively small size, there are many unique and interesting facts about El Salvador worth exploring further. Majestic architecture, inspiring literature, …

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