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Bingo is an incredibly fun game, you literally cannot deny that. However, it also wouldn’t be nearly as popular if it wasn’t for the common bingo rewards that keep you excited for a win during a bingo session.
In fact, the origins of bingo can be traced back to an Italian lottery that happened during the 1500s called Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia, proving that bingo has always been something inextricably linked to prize money and other rewards.

But that doesn’t mean it always has to have rewards alongside it. Take schools, for instance, that regularly use bingo in classrooms to teach about different topics, but rarely have any prizes that are worth shouting about.
In any case, it all got us thinking about the most common bingo rewards that you can win these days. Read on for the most common bingo rewards!

Progressive jackpot bingo rewards

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The phrase “progressive jackpot” will have every single big jackpot hunter licking their lips, as it is what’s commonly associated with some of the most iconic gambling games of the 20th history, in particular the Las Vegas Megabucks progressive jackpot slot machine. You see, the big deal with progressive jackpots is that they can increase to an almost unbelievable size – several million pounds at least!

Everybody will therefore be very happy to know that progressive jackpots are also a thing in bingo, and there are many games with progressive jackpot bingo rewards to check out. This could be online, or even at your local bingo hall depending on the provider.

Bingo prize rewards

Although bingo rewards are usually made of some kind of jackpot, there are a range of other bingo prize rewards that can sometimes be won instead by lucky bingo players. There are quite a lot of bingo merchandise prize rewards around, for example, as well as bingo prizes that can be made up of holiday packages, or even a new car!
Bingo prize rewards can get seriously funny too, we can never forget about the story of the New York City local who won a bingo game out in the New Jersey countryside and won a whole entire milking cow!

Club night bingo rewards

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The popularity increase of bingo over the last decade or so has been truly fascinating, and a large part of its success has been the fact that the younger demographic finally seem to have been convinced to start playing the game.
This is exemplified by the booming bingo club night market, hilarious evenings of bingo, interspersed by dance-offs, karaoke rounds, and a lot more. Club night bingo rewards are almost always a lot of fun, and regularly involve a free drink or something like a dare for one of your mates.


The reward of them all; the ultimate trophy. All players love cash prizes; that’s why we play. This is, in fact, the most common reward, and it is the most popular one among players. If you are a player in a local pub, the cash reward is usually trivial. But, if you are playing in well established online casinos or websites dedicated to bingo, such as, the bonuses in cash can be substantial. This is what makes the game even more worthy of playing. Imagine winning a million-dollar prize. You can become rich in one moment. One player in Greece managed to win a whopping 5.1 million pounds in a bingo game. Amazing!

Of course, this is not a norm but rather an outlier. But, if you are a frequent bingo player, we are talking about the prize in range of hundreds and thousands. If you put time into it and effort, combined with regular investments, you can even strike a jackpot. All in all, whatever your path top[laying bingo is, cash prizes are the ones that most players look forward to.


If you are playing bingo in an online casino, tokens are quite a common type of reward. The reason is simple; they’re like a universal gambling currency. You can exchange them for anything you like – even cash. This is the best-case scenario if you ask us. If you are playing bingo in a holiday resort, the chances are tokens can only be exchanged for service you can receive in the hotel or on a beach, or in a bar. This is not too bad, but it’s not money. Sometimes the things that can be bought with tokens are trivial.

If you are a player who is in it for the fun of it, without looking to gain anything substantial, the tokens might be the right choice for you. With it, you can buy various memorabilia and walk away from holidays with presents for the entire family.


A great prize! Many local pubs and retirement homes with bingo tables offer various holiday options as a reward for those who win the ultimate game. This is a great way you can end a game of bingo. Sometimes we can’t afford to travel and go on a vacation. But, if won at a bingo game, it changes the scenario completely. Winning a dream journey by playing a game you like is a great way to be rewarded for the effort. This is a great motivation for anyone interested in playing this game.

Of course, there’s a downside to this reward. What happens if it is a place you don’t want to visit or one where you already been? Well, you can always gift the voucher to someone else, or even better, don’t play for that reward. It all comes down to what you like when playing bingo for prizes. Suppose the tip isn’t right, stove away. If you see value in it, please go ahead and try to win it. Some gifts can be just for the memories, but some can be real prizes that can change your life. Play responsibly!

Bingo without rewards?

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Don’t forget bingo doesn’t even have to have rewards for it to be enjoyable! The great thing about bingo is that it can be played in any context you like, and sometimes a reward-less bingo game with the family can still be incredibly fun.

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