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Top 7 New Construction Windows in 2024

Do you need new construction or replacement windows for your upcoming home improvement project? Are you facing difficulty in choosing the best brand for your home? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then you are on the right site. Here in this article, we have shared a list of top new construction windows to let you choose the best ones. It doesn’t matter whether you want to replace the broken and old one, or completely upgrade your existing windows, this list will help you.

Several brands offer different construction windows, and it’s quite challenging to identify the right type for your home. Finding the right ones is based on your preferences and the factors that you consider necessary when selecting new ones. The factors that are commonly considered by homeowners include style,  replacement costs, energy-efficient options, installation costs, and window frame types.

Each brand offers specific types that vary in style, color, material, and cost. The top-rated windows replacement brands are Pella, Simonton, and Andersen windows. However, some other brands also offer the best construction or replacement windows at affordable rates.‘s list of top replacement window companies in Ottawa will include 10 favorite windows brands along with their competitive advantages to customers. Let’s have a look at this list.

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1. Andersen windows

Andersen is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers for windows. It sells both new construction and replacement ones in double-hung and casement styles. Andersen manufactures products in wood, clad, vinyl, and composite construction gas-filled glass for low-emissivity and high-efficiency. The company uses high-quality materials in manufacturing.

Andersen tiers start at 100 series and reach up to 400 series based on their wonderful architectural series. It also makes customized ones with up-to-date features for better security. The average cost to purchase the Anderson 200 series vinyl window is approximately $280, with about $380 installation charges. Anderson offers a warranty of 10 years for non-glass and 20 years for glass parts.

2. Simonton windows

Simonton offers a variety of vinyl in both new construction and replacement lines. It sells windows casement and double-hung styles, in addition to low-emissivity and argon-filled glass. Simonton accepts all types of orders, including stock sizes, custom, or special.

If you are interested in buying top-class vinyl windows for your home improvement project, then Simonton is the right choice. It offers products in various styles so that customers can choose them according to their home architecture. Simonton offers various glass types that can treat against UV and infrared lights to keep undesired heat outside the house and help control the inside temperature.

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3. Pella windows

Pella is another leading brand of construction and replacement ones. It offers products in both casement and double-hung styles. Pella windows are constructed with cladding, aluminum, argon-filled glass, vinyl, and wood. Customers can order either their standard sizes or custom sizes as per their needs. Pella products are renowned for being pleasing-aesthetically and well built.

Pella’s wood line is among the most popular and has received appreciation for its customized architect series, long-lasting 450 series, and designer series. Customers can also order durable vinyl series of either encompass, 250, or 350. All these products are available in both triple-pane and double-pane. The average cost of its double-hung encompass window is $150 and about $250 installation cost. Pella is offered with a ten-year warranty.

4. Milgard windows

Milgard windows are known for its reasonably-priced vinyl replacement ones. It offers 4 different window lines, and each line has specific styles and functions. It also offers a quiet window line that is best suited for crowded locations because of its soundproofing characteristics. The aluminum products of Milgard have a simple up-to-date minimal style with thin frames. Its fiberglass wood-clad design products are also popular among property owners. These ones are specially built to withstand extreme weather.

Milgard offers products in 4 main tiers of quality and prices for replacement ones. Their ultra fiberglass, Tuscany vinyl, Montecito vinyl, and Essence wood windows range from lowest to highest prices. As far as their prices are concerned, a single hung standard aluminum window costs approximately $185, along with an installation cost of around $400.

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5. Alside windows

Alside offers vinyl products in numerous new replacement and construction lines. Its popular styles include bay, double-hung, and casement windows. Its are custom-made to fit into a specific window opening. Alside has more than 65 years of experience in this field, and its products are frequently sold in the eastern and mid-west regions of the country.

Their windows are famous among both commercial and residential building owners. Alside has a unique design, superior craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and advanced technology that have made this company the best performer. Its century line window costs around $200 and nearly $386 installation charges.

6. Marvin windows

Marvin is another popular brand for this manufacturing. It offers not only the replacement ones but also products for new construction, including both double-hung and casement styles. The company manufactures windows in wood, clad, argon-filled glass, and composite construction.

Customers can order both standard and custom ones from Marvin. Independent dealers and home centers sell these products at premium prices. Marvin has been operating since 1912 and has specialized in this field. The company is continuously making efforts to raise the value and beauty of its windows.

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7. Weather shied windows

Weather Shield windows are manufactured in wood-clad in multiple replacements and new construction lines. Customers can get double-hung and casement styles from this company. Dealers are responsible for selling their products in special and custom-order or stock sizes.

Weather Shield keeps improving its technology to provide high-quality products to its customers. Its goal is to discover innovative and new solutions for manufacturing. The company has its own biggest test lab and the Research and Development Center. Weather Shield aims to provide low-E, energy-efficient windows to its customers.

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