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11 Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Pop-up Store

Pop-up stores are becoming popular nowadays primarily because of the influence of the Internet. Influencers like vloggers are starting to look at the business potential of what they can do online. Makeup tutorial stars, for example, are creating their own makeup lines to get more followers and earn at the same time.

If the makeup line gets in demand, the influencer can build a pop-up store. However, you do not have to be an influencer to build your own. You can always have it when you take advantage of seasonal demand or trends.

Your pop-up store’s appearance plays an important role in attracting customers. So, you have to decorate it in a way that best represents your brand. It does not need to be fancy because you can decorate it simply but attractively. To know how you can beef up your store’s appearance, here are ideas you can try:

Use Wooden Pallets

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This idea is a perfect way to recycle your old pallets at home. All you need is to clean and repaint old pallets, so they look fresh. You can create the following in your pop-up store:

  • Wine cellars
  • Planters
  • Shelves
  • Coffee tables
  • Sofas

If you do not have them at home, you can always buy them from factories. Many companies are offering affordable prices that you can take advantage of.

Add Some Feminine Touch

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Adding some feminine touch to your store decors is important if you are targeting women as your market. The appearance of your pop-up store is crucial in attracting your target market. You can use feminine colors like pink in your store.

You can also place artificial flowers on the wall or the cashier’s area. Anything is possible with your decors as long as it shows femininity. You can even add a feminine scent in the store to create the right mood.

Use Plants

If you like nature, this pop-up store decor idea is perfect for you! Regardless of what you are promoting, plants are great interior decors. They come in different sizes and shapes that you can choose from.

You can also place hanging plants to add more life to your walls. You can go with adding small and tall plants. Just make sure to not overdo it though if you do not want your store to look like a forest.

Go Vintage

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Using antique furniture in your pop-up store creates a comforting environment. It also provides a sense of nostalgia with a unique stylish look. If you are selling furniture, for example, this theme is a wonderful decor.

You can add a vintage table with metal chairs. You can also hang vintage paintings on the wall. Playing classic music can even complete this whole vintage theme.

Create a Family-Style Decor

Think about the family-style decor as the same set-up of your home. You can recreate that environment with your pop-up store. This is a wonderful idea for almost any type of business. You are creating an “at home” feeling for your customers.

You can add sofas, side tables, lanterns, or anything you want. The bottom line for this decor idea is to create an extremely welcoming environment for your customers. A simple house set-up will do.

Place Wallpaper

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Wallpaper is a powerful decor tool to beef up any type of interior design. It comes in different designs and colors that can match any type of theme. You can go all white or with multiple colors with your pop-up store’s wallpaper.

You can even cover your countertop with wallpaper to match your wall’s design. Just decide on the color you want, so you can choose the design.

Add Cool Photos and a Statement Rug

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Cool photos on your wall are extremely attractive to customers. If you are selling clothes, for example, place photos of models wearing trendy styles. If you have bigger photos, the better.

You can also place a statement rug on the floor. The rug is always best when your wall is white. It complements its colorful and abstract design.

Put More Colors

Adding colors to your simple decor is a good way to make the environment livelier. If you have white sofas, you can place colorful pillows. If you are selling kitchen wares, make sure to display those with different colors in the most noticeable area.

Another great addition to put more colors to your store is lights. LED neon flex can create beautiful and colorful lighting for your pop-up store. They come in different colors, sizes, shapes, designs, and dimensions. Visit to get quality pocket friendly LED neon flex products.

Include Flags and Balloons

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Flags and balloons are great for any event or promotion. They create a child-like or festive atmosphere in your pop-up store. This is important because having a child-friendly store is a good marketing strategy.

If children are happy about staying in your store, their parents will also become happy. This means they have a higher chance of purchasing from your pop-up store. It is even great if your staff is child-friendly because parents will appreciate that. This builds a good impression from your customers.

Recycle Ladders

Here is another cheaper way to improve your pop-up store’s appearance. Recycling old ladders is great for making shelves.

If you have two old folded ladders, all you need is wood for the layers of the shelf. The ladders will serve as the support system for the shelf.

  1. Place the ladders next to each other with a small space in between.
  2. Insert each wood layer in the gap between the rungs, starting with the one ladder going through the next.
  3. Repeat the previous step as many times as you want, depending on the number of layers you want.

Hang Your Clothing Display

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If you are selling clothes, this decor idea comes in handy. Instead of having mannequins, you can hang the clothes for display. Just use cords to suspend clothes with hangers from the ceiling. Adjust the height as well.


Decorating your pop-up store does not need to be luxurious. You can have it simple but enticing and welcoming. You do not have to spend a lot as well because you can simply recycle some of your old stuff. So, choose from our decor ideas above and attract more customers to your store!

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