Are There Any Differences Between American and European Roulette?

If you ever played Roulette, you might have noticed that there are different versions available and that the difference is related to the number of fields and layout of numbers on the wheel. You can try both versions over online platforms. We can notice the rise in popularity of online gambling sites in recent years, especially because we can gamble over mobile devices. If you are interested in this model, visit

Moreover, when it comes to roulette, the most common models are American and European. They might seem as same on the first notice, but some things make these two models completely different. We are going to introduce you to those differences in the following article.

Available Numbers

One of the main differences is related to the number of fields that can choose. When it comes to the American version, there are 38 fields available, while you can choose from 37 in the European model. The number of black and red fields is the same, 18, but the American model has an extra green field with double zero on it.

Different Odds


Since there is an additional field in the US version, that is affecting the odds as well. For example, chances to win after playing on colors are slightly better with the wheel that has only one ‘Zero’ field. Also, the diversity-related to house edge is more drastic, with over 5% in US model, while the house edge of European is under 3%. The odds are the same when you are playing on numbers, but you have better chances with the 1-Zero model.

When we make a comparison of odds, we can notice that the European version is better in every segment. Playing on colors is closer to 50%, columns are providing more chance as well, and the same is with dozens. Betting on 6-Line gives you 1% more chance, and all other tips are slightly better because of the extra field in the US model.


When you look at the table where you can place the bets, you will notice the variation in the arrangement of numbers on the wheel. Besides the Double Zero, all other numbers are positioned in another way when compared with the European option. When can notice that the 1-Zero model is much more popular, and not only for slightly improved chances? It is divided into three sectors called Big Series, Small Series, and Orfanelli, and changing to the US model might seem confusing to many players.

Additional Spin After Playing on Red


There is an interesting rule that is missing in the US model, which is related to when you are playing on colors. In case that you are betting on the color red, and the ball falls on Zero, you will get another shot because the dealer will leave your funds on the table for another spin.

It Is Easier To Play European Version

While it is the same when it comes to playing on websites, the Euro model might be much more interesting when playing at a live table. The main reason is that the outline on the table and the wheel have much more sense since it names of the various hands and combinations cover the same area and numbers that are close to each other. Therefore, if you choose to bet on Big Series, you will cover all numbers between 9 and 17 on the upper side of the wheel.

That means that you can play your hand much faster, and then place additional chips on your favorite. On the other hand, popular hands in the American version are covering numbers that are not neighbors on the wheel, such as the popular choice that is covering Zero, Double Zero, One, Two, and Three. The most popular option is to chase different sectors, and it is much easier to do that in the Euro version.

Which One is Better?


As you can notice, the lack of one field brings many advantages to European roulette, and the fact is that your chances are much better with this model. Therefore, it is not a surprise that you will find it in most land casinos and online platforms today. Also, it has better systems, where you can easily explain to the dealer where you want your chips, while it could be struggling to finish your bet with US version, and you will lose a lot of time, make other players nervous, and more. Therefore, the 1-Zero model is a much better option.

On the other side, if you never played the one with Double Null before, it can also be fun. If you find yourself in a place where only this model is available, you can still implement the same strategy. However, keep in mind that the layout is completely different. For example, 2 is now next to the Zero, while 12 is where numbers from Small Series are in the Euro version.

In that matter, focus on the layout and create your combinations as well. Use the same methods as you were using in the more popular layout. The chances are only slightly worse, which means that you still have a great opportunity to win a lot with a good strategy and some luck.

The Bottom Line

This game holds high popularity for a long time, and that is one of the first games that was seen in popular land casinos. Also, the interesting fact is that many players still rather avoid virtual versions of this game because of the popular misconception that it is rigged. Because of that, many websites introduced a feature where you can play online while watching a dealer who is streaming the table.

Moreover, playing on odds and evens provides you with the best chance, and some websites don’t require any house edge, which makes this type of type go give you a clear 50% which makes it much better than some card games. In the end, when it comes to chances, European is slightly better, and when it comes to entertainment, both options are perfect.

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