How to Dress at the Casinos to Look Smart?

The good thing about online gaming sites with free games like SlotoZilla is that you do not have to dress up. In physical casinos? You have to up your game. Let us face it, a casino is a place for glamour and riches, and if you do not dress up well, you are not going to have the best time of your life.

Today, we will talk about some of the best things you can do to dress up for a casino, from cashmere scarf to shoes, we have you covered.

Cashmere Scarf

Let us start with the cashmere scarf. It does not have to match your dress colour 100%. Most people attempt to buy a cashmere scarf that would match all their clothing styles. This is the wrong way to go.


Cashmere scarves do not have to match an outfit. The truth is that cashmere scarves look better if they contrast your clothing colour. You can try to mix and match the colours and then see which ones will bring out the best in you.

Cashmere is also pricey, so you will not have a lot of room to buy several of them. In a land-based casino, a cashmere scarf is best worn at night. It adds finesse to your style, and it will definitely make you look like you have a lot of money to play with.

Wear the Glamour

A casino is a place teeming with money. If you want the best casino look, wear a dress or a gown. For gentlemen, you have to wear a suit. If you have seen any James Bond movie, then it is best that you play at the casino dressed as they do.

This kind of style will certainly make an impression. You will notice how the bartenders and game dealers will pay you more respect. Also, some casinos are strict with their dress code. You have to wear something formal, or they will not let you in.


So, how do you do it? Here are some tips on how to choose the right clothing:

  • For ladies, wear a form-fitting dress. It does not matter if the dress is short or long, just do not wear a ball gown.
  • Get an evening dress that you typically see in beauty pageants like Miss Universe. Do not forget to wear high-heeled shoes.
  • If this is not your style, then a pantsuit will do just fine.

For men, there is no other option but a suit. If you have a bowtie, wear it. A necktie is not that formal, and it lacks the glamour of a bowtie. Do it like James Bond does—with elegance and style.

Go Casual


A third piece of advice we can offer is to simply dress in a casual style. Now, casual does not mean you will go to the casino in your flip-flops. Well, some casinos allow this in Las Vegas, but this really reeks of being homey and being unpolished.

For a casual look, players have the option to wear jeans and blouses. There are many types of clothing in this genre to choose from. You can wear a floral top and a pair of tight-fitting jeans and then opt for either a flat pair of shoes or high-heeled ones.

For men, you can wear black shoes, boots, or moccasins, but never a pair of rubber shoes. Leather loafers are the best. Loafers with jeans is one of the stunning looks for men. For the top, wear a turtle-neck shirt. For the top, wear a turtle-neck shirt.

Use a long-sleeved one and pull it up for a better look. Wear matching jeans with it to complete the casual look. Do not wear torn jeans. While this looks cool and stylish, it does not give the air of class.

Casual Glamour


This is a combination of elegance and casual style, and yet you do not want to attract too much attention. To understand this better, you have to think of smart casual. For example, you can wear a knitted shirt and then match it with comfortable khaki pants. For the feet, leather or moccasins will do.

For women, flat shoes are recommended. You can also wear jeans, but make sure you have a coat—khaki is also the best kind of clothing you can wear on this occasion.

Best Things to Wear in Casinos

Now, let us take a look at some of the best things that you can wear in a casino. Surely, you have one or more of these in your closet.

Here is a simple summary:

  Feet Pants Tops
Men Loafers, leather shoes, and moccasins Khaki, blue jeans Button-down short; suit
Women High-heeled shoes and flat shoes Blue jeans or a short skirt Dress or blouse
  • Jeans – for as long as the jeans are not worn down or ripped, you will do just fine. A better look is to wear khaki pants, as this gives you a semi-formal look but not super formal.
  • Feet – men can wear shoes of any kind except open-toed ones and rubber shoes. Rubber shoes are juvenile in the casino scene. It is best that you wear leather. For women, choose open-toed high-heeled shoes. They will make you look taller and more formal.
  • Shirt – for men, you can choose to wear a coat over your shirt or go on full formal wear. If not, you can wear a button-down shirt and then wrap a scarf around your neck. Turtle-neck tops are also great, and make sure you wear dark colours. For women, you have the option to wear blouses or a dress.

Now that we have this sorted out, the last thing you need to know is what not to wear in a casino. For starters, we mentioned earlier not to wear flip-flops and rubber shoes. While some casinos allow it, you will not be dressed to impress.

Again, do not wear a ball gown as if you will go to the prom. Get a dress—even glittery ones will do. The key here is form-fitting. Anything else that isn’t should not be worn in a casino. If you do not want to wear something that is too formal, then get a mid-length dress.

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