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5 Amazing EdTech Innovations to Look Out For in 2023

EdTech, or Educational Technology, is a phenomenon that is quickly sweeping the globe. As technological innovations become increasingly advanced, more and more educational institutions are taking advantage. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2035, there will be 2.7 billion EdTech students around the world. Let’s take a look at five brand new innovations in the industry to keep an eye out for this year.

1. Cloud-based infrastructure

This year, we expect to see more and more schools using cloud-based infrastructure. Cloud-based learning allows for accessibility, functionality, and flexibility. By migrating to the cloud, a school permits its teachers and students to access material remotely. By modernizing learning materials and migrating to cloud-based learning systems, schools help teachers and students access and use the tools they need.

2.  Analyzing trends within the classroom

Expect to see an increased use of data in educational environments as a way of tracking and analyzing student and teacher performance. Data analysis is a crucial part of improving a school’s performance. By monitoring weaknesses and strengths within the school using trends in data, it will be possible to anticipate future problems and transform the structure of lessons accordingly.

3.  Extra online help

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The days of hiring a tutor for your child are long gone. In 2023, there will be more and more online options for students who are struggling with their schoolwork. Virtual homework helpers, like Assignment Expert, allow students to receive additional help from experts regardless of their location. This innovation makes for more accessibility and fairness in the education system.

4.  Digitized libraries

Another EdTech innovation that will transform accessibility in education is the increasing number of digitized libraries. It’s vital that students have access to the textbooks and resources they require. In 2023, more and more schools will begin utilizing digital libraries. This will mean a wider range of materials will be immediately accessible to students.

5.  Safety and security for EdTech students

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Finally, technological advances this year will help teachers and parents to monitor students’ online safety. As spyware programs become more and more advanced, it will also become easier for institutions to guarantee online security. This will be a crucial element of EdTech over the coming years. The more digital learning we provide, the more safety measures will be required.

Final Thoughts

While some people prefer face-to-face learning and are skeptical about the ever-increasing use of technology in schools, it’s impossible to deny the importance of the EdTech industry. Education should be accessible and non-discriminatory – EdTech makes this achievable.

The EdTech industry is growing at a rapid rate, and for a good reason. Technology will, without a doubt, become a huge part of most education systems over the next decade. This year, we’ll see plenty of groundbreaking developments in the EdTech industry, leading to easier, safer and better educational structures for students. The EdTech innovations discussed above will help teachers to provide learning materials with ease and students to learn in a way that suits them best.

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