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Helpful Emergency Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Plumbing problems are inevitable and you will encounter them at least once, no matter if your house is old or new. These emergencies usually occur suddenly, without a warning, so being prepared and knowing what to do once a problem arises is very important, and it can help minimize any damage and your frustration as well.

Plumbing emergencies can be a bit scary, but they are bound to happen at one point or another, so let’s take a look at some tips you can follow that can help you keep a cool head and enable you to protect your home from further damage, at least until a professional emergency plumbing service arrives.

Shut the Water Off

The first thing you want to do in most cases is to turn off the closest water source as fast as you can to stop the water from continuing to flow. This entails knowing where the main water shutoff is in case of larger problems, or shutoffs for individual appliances, like the toilet or sink, in case of smaller emergencies. Turning the valve clockwise should stop the water flow.

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 Tackle Small Leaks

If you notice any small leaks, you should try to stop them the best you can. Having access to some plumber’s tape will immensely help with this, but in case you do not have any tape in your home, towels or rags placed around a leak should be enough to prevent water from ending up all over your home.

If you’ve turned off the water supply, but still notice leakage, place a bucket under it to help stop further damage. To ensure that these leaks are dealt with appropriately, make a note of them and let your plumber know as soon as they arrive.

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Stay Calm and Call an Emergency Plumbing Service

Remember that you cannot fix everything by yourself. It is normal to get stressed during situations like this, but staying calm is extremely important. Minor issues can be handled easily, but to avoid things getting out of control or causing further issues with your plumbing, you need to call an emergency plumber.

Services like Multicore National, offer a wide range of services including dealing with burst pipes, repairing running or overflowing toilets, stopping gas leaks, finding and repairing sewage or drain problems, and more. Best of all, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you should call them as soon as a problem arises, no matter the time. They will arrive as soon as possible and fix any plumbing problem you might be experiencing.

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Open Outside Spigots

 After you called for professional help, turn on any outside spigots. You should do this to direct water outside, instead of inside your house since there will still be water in your pipes even after you’ve turned off the main water valve. This way you will avoid worsening any of the troubles you are already having.

 Unclog Drains

 If your drains seem to be backing up or clogging, try opening them with a gentle method, like using a plunger. Avoid using any connecting fixtures or cleaning chemicals because they may cause more harm to your pipes.

Following these simple tips can greatly help you in case of plumbing emergencies so that you can prevent unnecessary damage to your home. Be prepared for unexpected issues, stay calm in such situations, and remember that the best thing you can do is to immediately call a plumbing service for help. After all, nobody can do a better job of fixing water problems as professional emergency plumbers can. Unclogging the drains can prevent further issues in the septic tank for example. To know more on how to manage the septic tank, check this blog post.

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