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Eminem – Lose Yourself, The Oscars, Movies, And The New Album

Marshall Bruce Mathers III or as he is most commonly referred to, Eminem emerged in the music industry with his still popular song “My Name Is” back in 1999. And, with his bleach blonde hair, controversial lifestyle, and incredible rap lyrics, he quickly became a person that people all over the world recognized.

And, the fact that he released a new album this year means that it’s the perfect time to take a look at some of the most impactful moments from his career, as well as some details about his new album. The text below will feature interesting stories about Eminem’s career during the “Lose Yourself” period. Let’s take a look:

The Song Was Written On a Movie Set + Eminem Recorded it in One Take

During the filming of this, somewhat autobiographical movie, Eminem wrote and recorded “Lose Yourself” in-between breaks. As you already know, this song is incredible, however, there is something even better about it. Slim Shady became the first-ever rapper in the history of the Academy Awards to get an Oscar for a rap track!

He used a trailer on the sets for writing and recording most of his songs. The track “Lose Yourself” was written in the character he played in “8 Mile”, B. Rabbit and according to an engineer from the movie sets, Eminem was on one of his breaks when he perfectly recorded all 3 lines in a single recording.

This song went straight to number one on the Billboard’s Hot 100 for twelve, straight weeks, and this lead to him winning two awards – as previously mentioned, one Academy Award for Best Original Song, as well as one Grammy for the Best Rap Song of 2003. And you should know that the record was quickly approved for a Diamond. However, there was one controversy about Oscar’s night – Eminem did not go to the event that day.

He Did Not Attend The Oscar Ceremony

During the ceremony in 2003, Eminem got an Oscar for one of his most famous tracks, and, that evening he also managed to become the first rapper to win this prestigious award. But, he did not attend the event. Did you ever wonder why? Well, according to Marshall, he decided to sleep through the night.

On several occasions, Marshall stated that he did not attend the event because he thought that it was impossible for him to win, not only because it was a rap song, but because he was not an actor. You see, he did not really know what those awards were, nor, what they represented, hence, he decided to stay home.

Later on, he stated that it was the same for his first Grammy invitation. He did not know and understand what it is, as well as why he was nominated for some awards, so, he decided to protest the entire event and stay at home. Of course, he did regret those decisions later on since he found out what it meant for the music industry, as well as for his fans. If you want to see more celeb news, check out bestinau.

He Rejected a Lot of Leading Movie Roles in Movies That Became Quite Popular

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Of course, “8 Mile” was an extremely successful movie, however, a few people know that Eminem was actually offered main movie roles in other, extremely popular movies – but, he decided to turn all of them down. Some of the films that he turned down include “The Fast And The Furious” (2001), “Training Day” (2001), “The Fighter” (2010), “Elysium” (2013), as well as “Southpaw” (2015).

Now, no one knows exactly why he decided to turn down these roles in these incredible movies, but, he did state on several occasions that he did not want to accept some of the roles either because he was working on his albums or new singles. But, you must admit that it would have been amazing seeing him in these movies.

He Released a New Album in 2024

I do not know about you, but Eminem’s new album was a complete surprise for me! He shocked fans all over the world by releasing a new album “Music To Be Murdered By”. And when you think about it, although he does not share a lot about his private life on his social media pages, he does pour his heart into his music.

This new album features twenty songs, including ones where you can hear Skylar Grey and Ed Sheeran, as well as Young M.A., Joell Ortiz, Don Toliver, and Denaun Anderson. This means that there are some really creative and amazing artists featured on the album, however, there are also some things that people can really relate to.

However, you should know that this album is quite different and a bit darker – especially since it advocates against gun-control. The video for the song “Darkness” replicates the mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas, during 2017. The video – that is six minutes long – follows the person who opened fire on people during a music festival. Keep in mind that this album is quite different from his other ones, especially since he talks about really serious matters and problems happening all over the world. So, keep that in mind when you click on that “play” button.

The cover of the album was inspired by an album by “Jeff Alexander”, called “Alfred Hitchcock Presents Music to Be Murdered By”. It is safe to say that this album is quite controversial, hence, a lot of people had a lot of negative things to say about it. But, Eminem did state that the album was not created for people that are squeamish and if someone is easily offended by various things, they might want to skip listening to the album.


Besides the previously mentioned events in Eminem’s life, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of interesting things that happened in his life. So, now that you have learned some things about one of the most popular rappers ever, do not waste any more time and search for more interesting facts about Slim Shady’s life!

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