Exploring the World of Slow Motion Video ─ How Can Glambot Make It Work?

We can all agree that slow motion is an incredibly useful feature when we are talking about video editing. The slow motion looks good in certain parts of a video, and nobody can deny that. Adding this element to the video will certainly make a certain impact on it, and cause some emotions, no matter what is the quality of the content and the platform where you want to stream it.

Naturally, that doesn’t mean that it should be added to too many parts of the video. In fact, finding the right moment when to use it is nothing short of a work of art. When you think about it, that makes perfect sense, especially since including this element in what you record is not an easy thing to do.

The editor needs proper knowledge of how to use this feature, and not damage the quality of the video. Sure, you will see many where this one is used, but it doesn’t fit properly. One of the ways this is possible is through glambot, a high-quality attached to a robot arm system. You will see that it is frequently used at red-carpet events, weddings, and many other events.

Today, we want to talk about a couple of tips, tools, and tricks beginners can use for slow motion.

What Can You Create with Glambot and Robotic Arm System?


Glambot is a high-quality camera, which is part of a robot arm system, which is, as we’ve said, frequently used for filming a wide array of different events. The robot arm has the task of controlling the camera in a stable and precise way. Also, the way the robot’s hand moves make it possible to create dynamic videos.

Depending on the needs, these can be edited in a wide array of different ways, which naturally includes the slow-motion effect. One of the biggest misconceptions regarding the glambot camera and a robot hand is exclusive, therefore used solely for luxurious events such as the Oscars. But when you scratch the surface, you will see that this is not the case.

Videos made by glambot can be segmented in shorts, which means that the individuals who have been present at the event can use them on their social media after. You will certainly see that these videos are already quite popular on social media such as Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. Still, many are not aware of the fact that these are made by glambot app.

How to Make Slow Motion Videos?

Most people, usually beginners, presume that making a slow-motion video is quite a challenge. In reality, you will see that it depends on the situation, equipment, and the way you want to film the video. Generally speaking, there are two main ways you can do this.

The Post-Production with a Glambot app

In case you don’t have the right camera to shoot the videos in slow motion instantly, then you should go for the obvious approach, including this feature in post-production. The way you can do this is the obtain the tool that makes this possible, and you can use it during the editing process, and of course, the post-production.

Many beginners will be intimidated by the term “post-production” but they shouldn’t be. Of course, there are so many tools you can choose from, and it mainly depends on what kind of equipment you have with you. When you use the glambot and robot arm system, the videos are edited by using a glambot app, which consists of a wide array of different features, not just slow motion.

Using apps to edit a video made by the glambot robot arm is quite simple, even though it may sound complex at first. It is an extremely straightforward process, and you can obtain all the knowledge about how to conduct it pretty soon. Of course, you will need to insert the video, then proceed with editing what was created before. There are two ways you can go from this point, edit it on your own or use a template.

When you insert the video inside the software, the video’s speed will be at default, usually presented as 1. When the editor has this value “1” in front of his eyes, then making it slower at certain moments becomes much easier, just by adjusting these values. Naturally, the editor will need to make this value lesser than 1 to make it as slow as they want it to be.

During Filming


If you have a high-quality camera that has the option to record in slow motion, then you will not need to focus on the post-production procedure. That doesn’t mean that you will not need this procedure at all. The chances that you will need to go through it, to adjust some elements of the process are more than clear. But certainly, you will have a much easier way to go down this road.

These cameras are quite common in this day and age. However, we can see that purchasing these requires quite a bit of money on your behalf. Anyway, these cameras will offer the possibility for the user to pick the frame rate they want to use in their videos, either fast or slow, depending on the needs. These frames are represented in FPS, which is short for frames per second.

To make it simpler for you to understand FPS, you should know that the standard FPS levels for recording speed in movies are between 24 and 30 FPS. Still, this is not some sort of magic formula that will work flawlessly in every moment. So, the one who records it needs to adjust it to the appropriate level for it to look as flawless as possible.

Closing Thoughts

Using slow motion is quite a popular feature in this day and age. You will see it used in all sorts of videos out there. One of the ways this can be achieved is through using a glambot camera and robot arm system. We are certain that you will find this insight of ours helpful.

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