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Eyeglasses For Women 2023 – For All Face Shapes

The need for eyeglasses is increasing day by day. We live in a time where it is almost impossible to imagine functioning without electronic devices. This leads to impaired vision and faster growth of diopter. To make it easier for you to make a purchase, as well as to choose which eyeglasses, what diopter or a frame – we have prepared a few suggestions for you. But let’s start from the beginning.

What Are Vision Glasses And Why Do We Wear Them?

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Eyeglasses are an optical aid that, in addition to contact lenses, allow people who have refractive problems to gaze clearly at a close, middle and high distance. The human eye is like a camera, where the light rays, when passing through the optical media and after refraction through the optical apparatus of the eye (cornea and eye lens), focus on the area of the yellow spot. Optical rays that focus in a yellow spot without the involvement of accommodation – are called emmetropes. In patients whose light rays focus behind the yellow spot – hypermetropia or farsightedness occurs. On the contrary, in patients where the light rays focus in front of the yellow spot – myopia occurs. These conditions are most commonly corrected by sight glasses.

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Why Are Glasses Necessary After The 40?

Somewhere between our 40-45 years – we can expect a decrease in accommodation. There is a problem of clear reading at close range, and the appearance of the so-called farsighted vision occurs. Namely, there is a decrease in the activity of the accommodative apparatus, which allows the eye to be adjusted to view objects at a distance and those closer to the eye. In younger people, this ability to bend the lens allows the light rays to be refracted at a point of clear vision.

Since the ability of elasticity of the lens slowly diminishes – so it is usually necessary to wear eyeglasses, which will help people in those years to continue their day-to-day activities. Although this phenomenon affects both men and women – women are those who introduce an extra moment into the whole eyewear story – fashion and design. And what kind of glasses we can opt for and how to choose the right ones?


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The frames are usually selected to our facial characteristics, individual measures and established diopter. We also choose them according to our lifestyle, taste, preferences and design trends. Choosing the right frame emphasizes the aesthetics of the face and follows the lifestyle. It allows us to refresh our style and adapt to the purpose of whether the desired look is business, daily, evening, sports, etc.

What Is Important When Choosing A Frame For Eyeglasses?

When choosing frames and materials, attention must be paid to flexibility, weight, and eventual allergic reactions. Plastic materials are available in a wide variety of colors. Acetate is a natural material, easy to form, unlike polyamides which are lax but difficult to form. Metal frames are flexible and resistant to corrosion – but they can cause allergic reactions in some people. The metal can be plain, titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. It’s lighter than plastic – especially titanium whose frames weigh more than 1.8g, which is lighter than a ping pong ball.

Choose Eyeglasses Frame By Your Face Shape

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When it comes time to choose the glasses that will best fit your face, the big dilemma arises: Which type of eyewear works best for my face? What is the trend this season? Choosing eyewear for vision, in addition to performing its function of improving your vision, can also represent your temperament, and a reflection of your personality, but also a special fashion decoration. According to experts in this field, such as Optically – discreet, metal frames can portray you as an elegant person, a full-color frame can show that you are not afraid to experiment, etc.

Here’s how to choose a frame to fit your face.

1. Square Shaped

Square Shaped frame, with accented angles, will best fit if your face shape is without sharp corners, with a tendency to be the widest in the cheekbone area and curved along the jaws and forehead lines. An eyeglass frame like this will give you an elongated face effect.

2. Round-Shaped

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This shape is best suited to women who have a heart-shaped face. The heart-shaped or inverted triangle face type is characterized by width in the forehead and cheekbones, and the face then narrows towards the jaw. The jawline is generally not prominent, which means that the tip of the jaw is often pointed. This type of glasses will create a harmonious proportion of the face by widening the chin and narrowing the forehead.

3. Rounded Oval Frame – Pilot Goggles

These glasses fit into a quarter-shaped face characterized by a strong and wide forehead with a square jaw. This is the face type with the forehead and jaw being approximately the same width. Glasses like this will soften your face with sharp lines and lengthen it.

4. “Cat” Frame

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These glasses fit the triangular type of face. This face shape is characterized by a narrow forehead and cheekbones, which extends towards the jaw. The jawline is wider than the forehead and it usually has a prominent line. Choosing such a frame will reduce the width of the chin and draw attention to the upper face.

The Types Of Eyeglasses

1. Eyewear With Photosensitive Glasses

Photosensitive eyewear is intended for those who want to get the optimal shade for the current weather in eyeglasses at any time. Such eyeglasses respond to direct UV radiation (sunlight) – meaning that they darken in different situations when you are exposed to sunlight in different parts of the day. You will not notice the tinting, because such eyeglasses are very subtle and evenly dark. They are also depending on the intensity of the UV radiation, and when you return indoors – they quickly return to their original state. A special type of photosensitive glasses is the Xtractive technology, which makes the glass on the spectacles to respond to both, visible and invisible light. Therefore, they also react in the car, which is not possible with the basic generation of eyeglasses. Such eyewear is great for people who spend a lot of time in bright, sunny conditions, for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, as well as for those who drive frequently or are professional drivers.

2. Polaroid Glasses

When sunlight comes in contact with flat surfaces such as asphalt, water, snow, etc. – polarizing light occurs. It is actually a glare that dazzles us and does not allow us to see a clear picture. Such a glare can especially be annoying to people who drive frequently or spend a lot of time in the car, or for those involved in winter and summer sports. Polarized glasses protect us from all UV and UB radiation. Polaroid glasses can be mono-focal, bifocal and multifocal. They can also be diopter-free and sunglasses. Wearing polarized glasses means:

  • glare-free view
  • clear colors
  • UV and UB radiation protection
  • reduced eye strain

Polarized glasses are available in multiple colors as well as in gradient shades.

3. Bifocal Glasses

If you have problems with vision at both distance and proximity –  bifocal eyewear is a great solution for you. Instead of two pairs of vision eyeglasses to wear for both distances – one pair of these can solve this problem. The bifocal eyewear is designed to provide a stable, clear image across the entire surface of the optical zone, so that the field of view is extremely comfortable, both for distance and proximity. You need to make sure your glasses are always clean, and we suggest reading more on Towel Reviewer. They are the solution is for people who need an optimal balance between low and high distance vision.

4. Multifocal Glasses

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Technological advancement and the use of modern technologies have an impact on all spheres of our lives. This means that the visual needs, as well as the user’s natural habits, are changing. Therefore, their vision enhancement requirements are in line with their lifestyles. Progressive eyeglasses provide maximum comfort and natural vision at all distances. In such glasses, the diopter strength gradually. It progressively changes – from the distance correction, over the middle distance to the proximity correction. Progressive eyeglasses, unlike mono-focal (one diopter) and bifocal (two diopters), have multiple diopters with an imperceptible transition. The main feature is that single vision glasses are used for viewing at all distances.


The fashion design of eyeglass frames changes from season to season, so this season the most unusual are the colors, shapes, and patterns. Some trends are constantly renewing, such as the cat-shaped glasses, which is still the most sought after in all colors. Next season will feature models of round glasses, in a variety of colors and shapes.

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