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9 Most Interesting Facts to Know about Coffee

Coffee is one of the most favorite beverages to people all around the world. Ever since you are old enough to notice that your parents love it, you cannot wait to be old enough to drink it. There are thousands of different types of this beverage, and some are strong, others are unique and the rest comes with pretty much every flavor you can imagine. Since you are reading this article, you are probably one of the many coffee lovers, and you are here to learn something new.

There are a lot of myths, legends, and facts that revolve around this drink, and here we are going to share some of the most interesting ones. Do you know which coffee is the most expensive? Do you know why? Well, continue reading to find this out and much more.

1. First coffee

Did you know how the beans were discovered? Well, it all dates back to the early 1500s in Ethiopia, when a goat herder saw his animals eating the beans. Afterward, they were energized, happy, and didn’t sleep for a long time. So, he shared this knowledge with some of the local monks, which decided to make a drink out of the beans.

The monks made the first coffee so they could stay up all night long and pray. Later on, they shared this drink with people from around the world, and thanks to the Ethiopian goat herder, we now can enjoy this perfect beverage.

2. Statistics

When we said that it is one of the most favorite things, we really meant it. The statistic shows that this industry is the second largest and it is worth more than one hundred billion dollars all around the world.

3. Tricks for maintaining the temperature

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Do you like to drink this beverage hot or cold? If you like it cold, then you have nothing to worry about, just add some ice and you are good to go. However, what do you do if you like to drink it slowly without it getting watery from the melted ice? Well, you can put fresh-brewed beans in the ice tray and freeze them. You can use these ice cubes to make your drink cold, without it losing its taste over time.

But what happens if you want to keep it warm for a longer period? Well, the trick is, you should add some cream. Research shows that the beverage cools down 25% slower when you add some cream to it.

4. Coffee lovers around the world

There are millions of people that cannot imagine their day without drinking at least one cup of this tasty beverage, but do you know which country holds the record?

According to researches, most coffee consumers are located in Finland and the reason why that is might be the weather. As you already know, it can get pretty cold in Finland, so the people there need something to warm them up.

Most of them make their own beverages, and according to, anyone can learn how to blend and grind their own beans. You need to spend some time researching and learning more about the type of beans, but after you master this part, you will never go back to drinking store-made coffee.

5. Guinness Record

There are a lot of different records that have something to do with this drink, but there is one that stands out. The oldest cat in the world is 38, and do you know how its owners managed to help it survive that long?

Well, it is said that Creme Puff drank coffee every single day of her life and that it helped her keep her health for almost four decades. Another interesting fact is that most pets enjoy this beverage. However, if you want to give your animal a sip, you should always check with your vet first.

6. Most expensive beans

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When we talk about expensive things, we usually think that some famous brand makes them and that they may even add some gold flakes in them to make them cost more.

However, when it comes to the most expensive coffee beans in the world, they are not made by a company on an expensive plantation, they actually come from an animal. “Kopi Luwak” is the most expensive type and it comes from Indonesia.

The Asian Palm Civet animal is fed with beans and then when it digests it, the most expensive beans are born. In other words, they come from cat poop. The price of it is about $600 per pound or about $100 per one cup. Would you drink it?

7. Types

Contrary to popular beliefs, there are only two main types of coffee – Arabica and Robusta. The former used to be cultivated only in Arabia, and the latter has more caffeine.

People love these types so much, that the average American spends more than one thousand dollars on this beverage per year. Well, we say it is worth it.

8. Production

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Even though Americans spend so much on this drink, Europe imports it more than any other continent in the world. Since people in Finish hold the record, this fact is not that strange.

Most of the coffee is produced in Brazil, and the records show that the number is as high as 50% of all the units around the world.

9. Fuel

This is definitely something you did not know! There are many researchers who try and find different ways to fuel our devices, and scientists have turned ground coffee beans into fuel.

This means that there are some chances that our cars may run on coffee in the future. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

What is your favorite coffee blend? How many cups do you drink per day? Well, since we shared so many things you didn’t know before, now is the time to make one nice cup of this amazing beverage and treat yourself. Check out PageOneCoffee for the various methods you can brew great coffee at your own home.

Make sure you don’t overdrink it because it is said that some types of drink can cause insomnia, high blood pressure and it may even trigger some anxiety attacks. You should always listen to your body and do what makes you happy.

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