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11 Facts About Lip Injections

Lip injections are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. The reason is simple. It can be done quickly, with no pain involved, and it doesn’t take too much time. Furthermore, the result can be a drastic change for the best, with little to no room for failure, as you’ll read below. In this article, we are going to talk about the 11 facts about lip injections. Dig in if you want to learn more about this procedure, but beware – after reading this article, you’ll want to undergo this operation.

1. Cost Varies

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Lip injections do not have a fixed price. Many factors influence how much would your lip job cost. Those who hold the most value are the type of augmentation you want to use, and the types of fillers that would be injected. Because of this, it’s essential to know the price of this procedure beforehand to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

2. Lips Will Still Feel Natural After Procedure

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about lip fillers. Patients want to know if they retain the natural feel they are used to after their lips physically change. For your information, the answer is yes. Even after administering lip injections, your lips will still feel like your own. Of course, you need to make sure that you’re injected with the quality stuff and by a professional. Otherwise, the result may vary, and you don’t want that.

3. The Effects Are Felt Immediately

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This is the best part of lip fillers. You can see results the moment the needle exits your lips, and a mirror is put in front of you. Compared to some other facial cosmetics operations that take a few days to settle down and be noticeable, this one provides results straight away. It’s possible to have swellings for a few days, but this is normal. Despite this drawback, you’ll see what the final result is with almost complete certainty.

4. It Won’t Last Forever

No, this procedure does not give permanent effect. Fillers are not a surgical procedure, and because of this, the results won’t be present forever, or at least for an extended period. The expected period in which your lips will hold the new look varies from three to six months. When you start feeling your lips have toned down to their usual size, it’s time for another round. This is quite a good side of fillers, in case you’re not satisfied, you’ll have your lips back, and no harm is done.

5. The Effect of Lip Injections Can be Immediately Reversed

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Another great thing regarding lip injections is that you can reverse the procedure right after it’s done if you’re not satisfied with the results. This option exists if you opted for hyaluronic acid-based fillers. This is done by injecting your lips with enzymes that dissolve the filler, such as hyaluronidase. Imagine being unhappy with the final result, and then getting your standard look back. What else can you ask for?

6. You Can Have That ‘Celebrity Look’

Yes, it is true. If you have an idea of what you want your lips to look like, and you got it from a celebrity, you can have that exact look. All you need to do is to bring a couple of photos to whoever is doing your lips and voila – there you have it. But, a 100% match isn’t always possible. In the end, it all goes down to your anatomy. It’s best that you get results that follow your face, but its reminiscence of a famous actor or a model. You want to be unique, even if you have an inspiration. Also, you want professionals such as people at to be in charge of your face. People of integrity are those who give you the best results.

7. Do Not Be Alarmed By Bruising and Swelling

Your lips are going to be penetrated by tiny needles, but the surface tissue will be damaged nonetheless. The result of these minor stings is going to be swelling and possibly bruising. But, even in the worst-case scenario, it would go away in a matter of days. During those days, you should try and cover it with makeup—a simple trick for a quick solution. Bruising can also be avoided if you take blood-thinning medicines in days before the procedure. Whatever you do, be sure to talk to a medic before you do anything rash.

8. Lip Injections Are a Quick Procedure

For a procedure that can drastically change your looks, this one takes almost no time. Because it can be done quickly, there’s no need to reschedule any other appointments you might have or to skip work. The only downfall might be the bruises and swelling we mentioned above. In case you have an upcoming event, you should schedule lip injections a couple of days in advance just to be sure.

9. Don’t Drink and Workout on The Day of The Procedure

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If you want to get the best result possible, and the one you wish, you should avoid these two things. On the day you have your appointment, do not drink alcohol, and avoid exercising. If you do this, you increase the chances of getting the most natural result. After the procedure is over, you can continue your day any way you want. There are no restrictions on what you can do.

10. You Can Avoid Pain

Lip injections do not cause too much pain, but they are also not painless. While there are people who can handle this procedure without needing anesthetics, there are those who’ll want to avoid pain altogether. Luckily for them, this is possible by using a numbing cream before lip injections. Furthermore, some filers come with lidocaine, which also helps with keeping the pain at a minimum.

11. Skilled Injector Can Do Whatever You Want

Not everyone wants the simplest of procedures. People want different things, from injection fillers only to one lip, to targeting only parts of the lips. If you have a special request, then you’ll want to have a professional behind the needle. Lip fillers are a sort of art, as the result can be astonishing, but only if it’s done by a professional. A perfect look is achievable by this procedure, and you should sough only the best for yourself.

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